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Email Startup Incubator Reviews (Lurn Inc.)

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Anik Singal has recently teamed with Robert Kiyosaki, the same guy that has inspired him to be the successful person that he is today, to create a new training program that is offered by Anik’s company, Lurn Inc. It’s called the Email Startup Incubator. And true to its name, it’s an online course that teaches students how they can do an effective email marketing campaign for their business. Email marketing is known as one of the older online marketing methods compared to the others in wide use, but can it still hold up even today? Let’s find out in this review.

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Clicking on one of the ads for the Email Startup Incubator will let you sign up for the “free webinar” first. Here, you’ll hear Anik Singal himself talk about all the advantages of email marketing, and why is it still a viable strategy compared to others like social media marketing, and the lot. you’ll clearly see how Anik himself is enthusiastic about the offer and the method itself. Which is not surprising, considering that, as per his claims, his knowledge of email marketing is the one that saved him out of his $1.7 million debt before.

According to the Email Startup Incubator, Anik Singal’s email strategy can be summarized into five steps. Step 1 is to determine your target market. Who are the ones that you think will need the product or service that you’re going to offer? Knowing this will form the basis of how you’re going to tailor your email marketing to attract your intended market. Step 2, create a one-page website. Just one. No need to add more. The idea is that you’ll use it to collect your visitor’s email addresses to build your list. You can drive traffic through your one-page websites using other methods like SEO, etc.

Step 3, create a Thank-You page. The page will let your subscribers know if they’ve successfully subscribed to your website. Additionally, you could give some free bonuses that you can send to these subscribers via email. This can range from an ebook, or a case study video, etc. Step 4 is setting up your email autoresponder. People signed up for your list. Some of them bought your offer, but how about those who didn’t? Well, this is where the autoresponders come in. Basically, you need to lure them in to convince them of the benefits of taking your offer. That’s why you will use the autoresponder to send automated emails to people on your list in the intervals you decide. The goal? To create trust, give subscribers info, and get them to buy products from you.

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The final step, as you can expect, is to send those emails to those leads who subscribed. The content of the email you send can vary. For those who haven’t availed of your offer, send them an email that gives information about the benefits of your offers, and why should they buy from you. For existing customers, you can take this as an opportunity to send more offers that they may like. The concept of this formula is that you don’t have to build a large, multi-paged website or wait for traffic. Through paid ads, you can get traffic quickly to your one-page site and keep funneling more traffic over and over again to your squeeze page (that collects emails) and making affiliate sales on the back end, rinsing and repeating it.

But can this business model work for others? Yes, it can. And it’s one of the most scalable, hands-free business models that you can do. The technology is there so that you can automate the process, and once you have a winning ad campaign, you just need to spend a bit more to scale it and earn more. It’s a completely passive income stream, thus you don’t have to deal with any person-to-person talk, such as customers, suppliers, the legal department, anyone at all.

The Email Startup Incubator online course contains a total of 8 modules that take through each and every step for you to master email marketing. It also contains a few bonuses, such as a niche research tool, more email marketing courses, email templates, a so-called “Six Week Fast Start Program,” and access to some live coaching webinars. The total cost for Email Startup Incubator is $997. Personally, email marketing is still viable and effective, but if you’re someone who’s just getting started at affiliate marketing, I suggest you stay away from it. It only worked for Anik because he has a lot of money to spend for paid traffic and autoresponders, so you may not have the same level of success as he did, even if you join this training program. Besides, free resources are always available…

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