Steady Ecom Review (Ecomdelrio)

Social media is rife with a lot of influencers. If you think influencers only exist in the world of beauty, then you are sorely mistaken. A lot of different niches have their own set of influencers. People just seem interested in what those people have to say, especially if they have found themselves in some level of success. Over the past few years, there have been a lot of different people that have popped up on social media providing e-commerce advice in the captions of their photos in front a fancy sports car or something. Sometimes, that e-commerce advice also involves them plugging a product of theirs.

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There isn’t much to be known about Anthony del Rio or, as he’s more known online, Ecomdelrio. A lot of the stuff that I was able to find were articles about him in a bunch of obscure websites. What I got from it is that Anthony dropped out from studying. On his Instagram, he says he’s a college dropout. But on those press release-like articles I found, it says he dropped out of high school. After that, he worked between two jobs trying to ends meet. Even then, he wanted to start his own business. But since he was struggling a bit financially, he didn’t really have the capital to do so. I have to point out that Anthony is about 24 years old now. So e-commerce is pretty much booming at this point.

Anthony basically studied up on how e-commerce works. Since there are a lot of different e-commerce courses out there floating on the internet, Anthony tried out a bunch of them. For some reason, none of the e-commerce courses he took really helped that much. But it seems like he persevered. Eventually, he came across something called dropshipping. And it seems like this specific method lead him to earn huge amounts of money in just a few months. His success lead him to use the Ecomdelrio branding and he has since expended towards other ventures, namely Steady Ecom.

Steady Ecom is basically just an online course that will teach you about starting your own dropshipping business on Amazon. Dropshipping has become a very popular e-commerce method as of late. A bunch of different companies have offered some services related to it in the past few years or so. Dropshipping is basically a method of selling stuff online. Normally, your business takes care of the inventory that you’re going to sell online. You’re spending money to keep your store well-stocked because somebody might buy the item you’re selling. But it’s costly to do that especially if an item doesn’t sell well.

With dropshipping, you basically outsource the packaging and delivery to a different entity. In this case, it may be a wholesaler or a different retailer. A person buys a product from your shop. You process the order. The first few steps of it is pretty similar to how e-commerce normally works. But you’re sending the order to the wholesaler so that they can pack and deliver the item to your customer. Usually, the product you buy from a wholesaler will be cheaper than how much the customer paid your store. That’s how you profit from dropshipping.

In order to start learning from the Steady Ecom platform, you will first have to setup a call with them. This is definitely unusual for online courses. Normally they’d have pricing and other details on their homepage. But it doesn’t seem like Steady Ecom want you to know about pricing initially. Normally, setting up a call happens when you’re going to do business with them. There’s really no reason for Anthony or the team running the website to withhold any pertinent information about the course.

Because of the lack of initial transparency, I can’t see myself recommending it to anyone. Starting any kind of business, whether on-ground or online, costs a lot of money. I’m assuming that it costs at least $1,000 to take the course on dropshipping that Steady Ecom provides. But considering that we have no idea how much it actually costs, why would you try your luck in it? Anthony does post some updates regarding Steady Ecom on his Instagram account. It seems to work for the people who’ve already joined. But it’s still so hard to put money onto something you don’t even know how it works.

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