Stephen Burrows Net Worth

Fashion is such an integral part of our culture. I mean, if it weren’t for fashion, I feel like most of us would just be wearing a piece of cloth that cover our private parts and not much else. Though, in a way, that’s still resembling fashion. But not in a way that it expresses your own style. It leans more towards functionality more than anything. Fashion tells a story and it reflects the person who designed the clothes and the people who wear it. A piece of clothing can mean so much as to how culture has evolved.

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I am not particularly great with retaining details about different personalities from all walks of life. It’s very hard to keep track of all of them, to be honest. But sometimes I try to learn more about them. This post is basically a distillation of all of the things that I found out about this particular person. Sometimes I can manage to get a lot of information about a personality. Sometimes, a personality will just be known for that one thing and you kind of have to find ways to talk about their lives.

There’s something about how being close to a major fashion hub can influence somebody’s life towards jewelry and fashion. If you somehow walk around Manhattan, you’ll likely see a lot of different shops that sells the type of clothes you’d normally see on magazines. New York City is home to a lot of different fashion magazines so it makes that they have access to the releases for that season near to them. New York City is just one of those places that lends well to showing off the best pieces of clothing the world’s best designers have made.

I hadn’t really heard of fashion designer Stephen Burrows prior to writing about him. Like I said in a previous paragraph, I’m not really great at keeping track of people that I don’t personally know. But reading more about him and his life, I get why he is a well-known personality in American fashion. Like any personality, there’s something in their childhood that served as a pivotal moment for their life. In the case of Stephen Burrows, it was seeing his grandmother’s sewing machine.

There’s something about living in a certain household that would lead them to pursue a certain career. Stephen getting interested in an integral part of the process of creating clothes is seemingly what got him to pursue a career in fashion. At eight years old, he managed to sew clothes for his friend’s doll. Even though the scale is much smaller than what he’d go on to make, him just knowing how to make clothes is a triumph all on itself.

It seems that Stephen was really into the humanities more than anything else. While he was taking dance lessons, he would often sketch designs that he would like to see his partners wear. He graduated from an arts-focused high school in his native town of Newark, New Jersey. He had initially wanted to become an art teacher which is why he enrolled to the Philadelphia Museum College of Art. But it was through a college tour that lead him to transferring to the Fashion Institute of Technology.

His career in fashion pretty much started after he graduated from FIT. He worked in a few clothing manufacturers early in his career. Slowly but surely, his work got picked up by a few shops. Within two years, he managed to work with Andy Warhol. Yes, the Andy Warhol. It was in that same year that he got the chance to work on a boutique inside Henri Bendel.

His career pretty much took off from there. Five years after he opened the boutique, he released a collection of lingerie and sleepwear called Stevies. That collection was sold in a lot of different department stores across the U.S. Around the same time, he got the opportunity to showcase his work in the fashion show that is now known as The Battle of Versailles Fashion Show in Paris. He pretty much became a big part of the fashion scene throughout that era. A lot of different personalities would often wear his clothes. It’s no wonder that he has managed to earn a net worth of $150,000,000.

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