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There are so many people who have found success in whatever field they are in. For the most part, I commend them for pursuing whatever it is they set out to do. It’s hard to actually commit to something if you don’t know what lies ahead. But I guess that’s what makes the journey worth all of the effort. Throughout the way, you learn more about yourself. You use that as a stepping stone once you reach the destination.

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I haven’t really written that much about people who got into stock trading. I mean, why would you want to learn about a certain from that particular industry? Perhaps there might be something to learn from their life? But it sometimes feels like their life story has already been mythologized a bit. The story that you see is what they want everyone to see.

There really isn’t anything particularly exciting about writing about a person who made a name for themselves as person who teaches you how to trade stocks. Like, not everyone has the kind of success story that would make them go, “Oh, I want to do what he does.” I guess they are selling their expertise to potential clients so that’s why they have an about page on their website.

I guess there’s no reason for these people to actually tell about their life story in the most detailed way possible. Not everyone is in search for that kind of stuff. Especially if you’re just looking for someone to teach you how to do the thing that they are promoting.

But still, I sometimes want to learn a bit more about them as a person. Like, I get that everything in their life somehow lead up to them do whatever it is that they’re doing now. But I kind of want to know what you’re like normally.

In the case of Steven Dux, there were only bits and pieces I could string into something that made sense. His journey into day trading started when he applied for student visa for the United States. He doesn’t really mention what course he took up in college. But his story starts by the time that he finished college.

At that point, his girlfriend at the time broke up with him. He didn’t have much else that would made it worth it to stay in the United States. But he really wanted to stay, partly because he didn’t want to come back to his dad in China saying “I told you so.”

Somewhere along the line, he got into trading. Honestly, this feels like a fairly common thing that happens. Like a lot of people starting out in trading, Steven struggled. He spent his tuition for that year in trading and lost half of it overnight. From what I have managed to learn is that you should never go all out with your money when it comes to trading. You should only put money that you’re willing to part with.

Still, that didn’t stop him from making it work. He somehow managed to turn $27,000 into $60,000. Then that lead him to earn about a million in less than a year. Since then, it seems like he managed to use the things that he learned in his previous tries to not lose a lot of money from trading.

After that, he decided to start his own business where he helps other people find success in day trading. It’s a tale as old as time. It feels like everyone who has found success in trading decided to start their own training program. Just in the off-chance that the things he does works for other people.

And it seems like it did? At this point, Steven Dux has a net worth of $3,000,000 just because he didn’t want to go back home to his dad nagging at him. Honestly? It’s the kind of motivation that managed to pay off.

There isn’t really much worth talking about. I honestly don’t know what lesson can be gleamed from Steven’s life. Pettiness can be a good motivator? I guess that’s a lesson for everyone. There are just certain people who are honestly hard to write about. Good on him for finding some level of success in his life despite everything that has happened.

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