The Blueprint Training Review (Ryan Stewart)

Ryan Stewart

Ryan Stewart, the marketing consultant behind The Blueprint (SEO) Training, admits in a LinkedIn post that SEO isn’t as effective as it used to be. “Not even close,” he adds. Dude is not saying that SEO’s dead, it’s not. The more apt description here would be that everybody just changed— Google, the social media landscape, the people, and the way they browse the web. It is what it is now, though. The only thing you can do is acknowledge it, adjust, and adapt.

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Ryan’s talking about change, but what changed exactly? The most significant one that hits the SEO is the shift on how people are using Google. Many years ago, people hop on Google with both discovery and purchase intent. They want it, they got it type of beat. For example, one would be searching Google for the best costume for halloween as well as where to buy it, and then actually buying the thang in the end.

Fast forward to now, social media messed that up. What I mean is people don’t always go to Google now to find stuff they wanna purchase. Or rather, Google doesn’t have the influence it used to have over both intents anymore. Goes from almost a monopoly to having lots of competition. Competitors include Meta platforms (Facebook and Instagram), Twitter, and Tiktok to name a few.

Now what? Is it the end of the world for businesses that rely on SEO? Well, the answer would be no, not really. To reiterate, SEO’s not dead, um-kay? As long as there are people using search engines, it won’t freakin’ die just like a protagonist with plot armor. It’s harder to pull traffic from it fosho, but you can always adjust your systems, adapt accordingly, and still thrive moving forward. 

This is where Ryan’s The Blueprint Training enters the picture. He claims that he has thirteen plus years of experience in building and selling successful agencies. Means he and his team are SEO experts and all that. How he’ll help you to thrive with their expertise, it’s through the said training.

According to their website, The Blueprint Training breaks down SEO into a process that’s proven to get results. Results means getting better quality service and being able to charge more by doing less. Made to tailor-fit the needs of serious agency owners, although anyone who’s just looking to expand their SEO knowledge are welcomed as well. That’s what they said, anyway.

Being an agency owner himself, Ryan mentions how The Blueprint Training grew from the pain points of his marketing agency. He adds, “I was having trouble finding people, hiring people, training people, and maintaining a really high quality service.” Essentially, the Blueprint is his answer to those problems. They run it themselves.

“We started building out processes, and then everything from how to get clients, how to onboard clients, project management… all from A to Z.” Then, he adds; “And we started documenting those, literally step by step how to do these, and then we started filming videos that are short and easy-to-digest.” The said videos would be the core training of The Blueprint Training on how you’ll execute advanced SEO tactics.

The Blueprint Training Review

“On top of that, we use our automation expertise to build templates, tools, and solutions.” In other words, the training includes tons of SOPs, Google Sheet templates, email templates, presentation decks, reports, you name it. That’s a lot to enumerate, but there’s actually more. Aside from the core video training and DFY templates, you’ll also get access to a Slack channel where The Blueprint Training staff can help ya, while you can also network with your marketing peers there.

That being said, what’s the price to pay to get all of that on The Blueprint Training? Well, it turns out that The Blueprint Training cost a whopping $6,999. Lifetime access for everything, but you can’t back out without saying bye-bye to ya stacks for nothing. In other words, your purchase of the training is non-refundable which is why I don’t recommend this at all. Not only it might be too advanced (and too confusing) for your needs, it’s also too expensive and too risky of a buy without refund policies. 

To make the matters worse, Ryan really had to reason out that having refunds invites individuals who are “one foot out” the door. I tell ya, a person wanting to have some sort of a satisfaction guarantee doesn’t mean they lack commitment, it’s just their right as a consumer. My advice for him would be to just shut his big ahh mouth. My advice for you is to not purchase The Blueprint Training. There, I said it.

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