Digital Storefronts Review (Cory Long)

Cory Long

Cory Long always make sure that people know that he is a Christian. Even in his Digital Storefronts program, he never fails to mention how he is a man of God and a minister for seventeen years. “I’m here to serve…I also wanted to live just like Paul and be able to help ministries and non-profits,” Cory continues. Quite frankly, I really don’t care about all of that. Where is his portfolio and proof of success at? That is what should matter since we’re talking about making money here, not attending a bible study.

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Ironically, this self-proclaimed man of God has started his coaching biz in a not-so-godly manner. He’s basically a Lucifer incarnate for his past coaching job in a program named Job Killing. Not only he allegedly copied Job Killing’s curriculum, but he also tried to sell his copycat course to Job Killing’s students while still being a coach for them. News travel fast and this shameless poaching was put to an end with Cory being booted out of the program. Just like how Lucifer got booted out of heaven because of betrayal.

Not a good start for Cory but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. There’s a thing called character development. Maybe, his promise of a “profitable yet ethical online business” in Digital Storefront is well-founded. After all, it’s about local lead generation which is a business model that has my seal of approval. I mean, who doesn’t want a business where clients likely come to you instead of you chasing them out?

Talking about his program, it has the following modules: Introduction and Success Road Map where Cory opens with a motivational talk to get you right on track; Finding the Perfect Locations module which suggests targeting high-cost service businesses that is in-demand in your area; and Creating Digital Storefronts module which covers topics on how to setup your storefronts on WordPress. It also includes Getting Ranked module which basically explains how to use Google SEO as your primary organic traffic method; Quick Lead Methods which discusses faster to get leads but paid alternatives to SEO; Finding and Closing Deals module which discusses the use of Google Maps listing to contact potential clients and how can you transact to them professionally; and Tenant Attraction System which is an extension of closing deals part in the Finding and Closing Deals module. There are also bonus contents such as support webinars and The Kingdom Accelerator lesson.

If you can’t still understand the gist of the program from its module, it’s basically creating sites (aka the digital storefronts) for local businesses to rent. It’s the local businesses way to improve their presence online so they’ll be happy doing business with you.

To be honest, I find the curriculum of Digital Storefront lacking. It does cover the entire local lead generation process, but it lacks depth per topic. For an online training course that cost at least $5,000 (without a refund policy, mind you), I’ll expect a depth closer to being Mariana’s trench deep rather than a kiddie swimming pool deep. Maybe I’m over exaggerating with the comparison to Mariana’s, but it should be at least better than what it is now given that it costs $5,000.

Digital Storefronts Review

The steep pricing continues on Cory’s done for you storefront offer at $500 a pop. WordPress can be intimidating at the start, but charging half a grand for setting up a site is still too overpriced in my opinion. I’m not alone in this sentiment though as a commenter from Reddit suggests the same and added that it’s highly likely that Cory is only spending a tenth of the charge to build them.

Worst, I don’t see enough success stories from those who purchase this program. The four testimonials listed in the program’s site is far from enough. The reviews on the Facebook page won’t cut either, with majority of them being spam bots of a certain trading course that is not related to Digital Storefronts at all. Worst, relevant reviews are from displeased students who doesn’t recommend the program. “Not a Christian organization, non-Christian businesses have better morals and customer service so stay Away,” a reviewer blurted out. It seems like Cory and not being Christian-like is the ongoing theme here, big yikes.

Despite offering a business model with my seal of approval, I still can’t recommend Cory’s Digital Storefront. There are better programs out there with better social proof and pricing than this one so don’t settle for less.

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