Passive Income Geek Review (Morten Storgaard)

Morten Storgaard

Morten Storgaard of Passive Income Geek opens up by thanking those checking out his course this year. Dude looks excited to announce that he reworked the whole course, went over everything in it, and updated a lotta things. Claims that he can’t wait to see what y’all will create with it. The question is, should you actually do the latter and join Passive Income Geek? I’ll help you decide with my review down below.

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A quick background check on who’s Morten first. Calling himself an online marketing vet with more than thirteen years of experience, Morten build websites like AnimalHow dot com [already sold for $30k] and GoDownsize dot com to earn passive income.

In his own words, he’s “all-in on creating websites that generates income in the most hands-off way possible.” Obviously, he’s also trying to teach people how to do the same with Passive Income Geek.

That being said, here are the topics discussed within the Passive Income Geek course. First are the sixteen lessons on niche selection. Everything you need to know about niches are taught here [or so Morten claims], from evaluating great niches up to crappy niches to avoid.

Next is finding killer domain names. He means the good ones you can grow with, not something f*cking around the second amendment. Here, there would be a spreadsheet to help ya find strong available domain names, so there’s no regret once you register it.

Then, there are hours of over-the-shoulder videos of Morten finding topics to write about for topic research. The suggestion here is opting for “underserved topics”, those with little to no competition ‘cause there’s no post about it that’s up yet.

For your website building needs, Passive Income Geek also has lessons on setting up your website, writing quality content that ranks and does well with affiliate links and display ads, strategies on using social media to increase site’s traffic, and SEO tips to optimize your bb for search engines.

Of course, there would be modules dedicated on monetizing your site— affiliate links and display ads. Also, course have advanced modules on outsourcing and selling your site. Finally, the update he’s excited about are the additional modules on writing with AI tools like ChatGPT and KoalaWriter.

Besides the core training I detailed above, the course also comes with videos of Morten building a site from scratch, and access to an exclusive “forum-style” community of over 800 bloggers, Ezoic ad network, and Ezoic site speed accelerator tool.

The price of Passive Income Geek? From its website, Passive Income Geek’s cost is listed $399 for the first year, then $199 a year thereafter. Comes with a thirty-day money back guarantee that’s all no questions asked AFAIK.

I’ve already mentioned this in a review before, but I ain’t a big fan of using display ads. It takes lotta traffic for it to work. Don’t get enough, then expect covering the cost of running the website outta your own pocket. Passive income? More like passive losses!

The lack of control, the low click-through rates, the even lower revenue per visitor… Not ideal to say the least. Especially when you partner it with a whole ‘nother level of sh*tty ad network tool in Ezoic.

While Morten didn’t create the tool himself, recommending it to others, including his students in Passive Income Geek, is still a no-no. He even mentions how he LOVES Ezoic. What’s to love when it’s slow, it’s clunky, and it’s said to has one of the worst customer support among ad network tools. A sellout, er, an affiliate gon’ be affiliate, I guess.

Passive Income Geek Review

Their AI feature doesn’t really add anything to the table either. Etoxic, I mean, Ezoic is just doing it to ride the hype and possibly, scrape your website to feed the very said AI “training” data. This ain’t the geek stuff I want to be part of, nope!

Ultimately, their DNS policy is an easy deal breaker for many. Like, them asking for direct DNS write access to set your website up definitely sounds like a security nightmare waiting to happen.

All things considered, I won’t advise y’all to join Passive Income Geek. Glowing reviews from his past students for a having well-presented, easy-to-digest course don’t move me when his suggestions are simply whack.

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