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The 7 Pillars Of STR Live Event Review (Sean Theodore Rakidzich)

Sean Theodore Rakidzich

Sean Theodore Rakidzich has changed a lot since I’ve last reviewed him. I swear, he just looks so different with that bushy beard and beefier biceps. Is it good? It depends on how you see his style. It’s either he’s a homeless bum in dire need of a shower or a swole d-daddy in dire need of a restraining order [from thirsty simps, who else?]. Is this a case of “new look, new me” for Sean? Find out below.

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Sean may look brand new, but the business model he recommends as a mentor stays the same. It’s still about doing STRs [which is short for short term rental] with Airbnb despite all the changes that makes the biz less than ideal. He says it himself recently, this disastrous Airbnbust era is going to put a lot of hosts out of business. 

Dude doesn’t pretend that it’s all fine. That’s like saying there’s no problem at all while you’re in the middle of a burning building. Not being an in denial fool, Sean always admits if sh*t’s about to hit the fan. But then, he claims that he knows how to maneuver his way around it, and as a mentor, he can teach you how he does it as well.

He hypes himself up, not Airbnb rental arbitrage as a biz. Like, he’s confident with his expertise, but not so much with how the Airbnb space is becoming. That’s his schtick, he never says  t’was easy, but he’ll try to help you succeed against all odds regardless. And try to help you he did in The 7 Pillars Of STR live event.

For starters, here are the 7 pillars of STR according to Sean: Marketing, logistics, HR, customer service, research analytics, accounting, and operations. What about it, you and I will never know unless we attend the event ourselves. Means Sean didn’t spill any more deets in his site other than enumerating each pillar. Quite a bummer, I know.

What I know is it’ll revolve around the idea of being better at Airbnb rental arbitrage by treating it as a business  rather than a passive investment. Learn how to run it yourself instead of just letting others do it for you. In his words, become an active manager of your portfolio just like the day traders doing their own trades.

Other than that, he’ll also share some nuances to drive the expenses down to a minimum. For instance, making housekeeping in-house instead of outsourcing it to keep the hourly rates reasonable. In this way, you’ll get more [being familiar with ‘em peeps and their quality of work] by paying less.

If you’re down with the opportunity, you can attend The 7 Pillars Of STR live event in Dallas next year that costs $510 per person. Alternatively, you can catch up on the event virtually by paying the price of $210 per ticket. But if you desire to splurge some more and party hard after the main event is said and done, you can pay for the VIP option at $1,499. FYI, the prices I mentioned are not inclusive of sales tax.

The 7 Pillars Of STR Live Event Review

If you ask me, I’ll suggest not attending this one. Sean’s looking like he’s legit and knowledgeable, but that’s not enough for me to recommend the business model he’s suggesting. Simply put, why involve yourself in a biz that’s a mess currently? It’s not the only biz in the world, y’know.

It’s not even a powerhouse of a business model to begin with. Not the biz with a low barrier of entry as Sean promised. Looks easy to do on paper, but trust me when I say it’s just easier said than done. Like seriously, convincing a landlord to allow you to have their units posted in Airbnb for STR is damn hard.

They can only imagine the likelihood of guests trashing the hell out of their properties [e.g. getting literal sh*t all over the place because of a scat kink]. If I were them, I wouldn’t be amused as well. Not to mention that they can do this Airbnb thang themselves [if their local authorities even allow it at all] if t’was that lucrative. T’was not. Pass!

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