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Ideal Car Strategies Review

Ideal Car Strategies

Ideal Cars, the makers of Ideal Car Strategies, reminds me of the Supreme brand. Not because it has a cult-like following nor they’re accused of stealing IPs from lesser known artists, but because of its logo and aesthetics… My reason issa bit shallow, I know. But then, it makes me wonder if there’s more to their similarities than meets the eye. Like, is their Ideal Car Strategies course as overpriced as Supreme? My thoughts about it below.

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First things first, a bit of background on Ideal Cars. If the Supreme brand is about skateboarding, Ideal Cars the company is about cars. I mean, they do talk and write about other stuff on their website like tech and lifestyle, but their main thang is about cars and teaching you how to get one.

Ideal Car Strategies is essentially Ideal Cars’ paid training program. Here, you’ll get four modules discussing how you’ll be able to snag your ideal car. It also includes a lesson on when you should let it go as well. Sort of an exit strategy, but for cars.

In module one titled Ideal Research, you’ll learn all the bits you need to consider in picking your ideal car. Because guess what, you can’t just follow your heart with what it wants— gotta use your noggins as well [sorry Selena]. The topics included are as follows: Understanding how cars depreciate, tools to use to see depreciation schedules, how much can you afford, ideal car desirability guide, among others.

Then, module two titled Ideal Financing Secrets is all about the ins and outs of financing. How it works, how much money you need to pull out ya own pocket, and how to leverage banks to your advantage. Only two topics under this module: Things to keep in mind, and how financing works.

Besides learning some negotiation secrets in buying a car, module three titled Purchasing Your Vehicle will guide you on how to identify whether a car is a steal, a highway robbery, or something in between. Knowing a car’s worth, basically. 

In the same module, you’ll also get some help in developing a keen eye on inspecting cars. Useful for checking out hard-to-spot imperfections that a dealer/private seller may not disclose. That being said, some of the topics discussed here are as follows: How dealerships work, how to vet a car at a dealership, negotiating with a dealer, negotiating with a private party, how to get a PPI, and much more.

Finally, module four titled Trading In & Leveling Up is where the exit strategy part will be discussed. If the first three modules are about teaching you how to be a savvy buyer, the fourth and last one switches gears and is about teaching you how to be a savvy seller. Topics discussed here include knowing when to sell, pre-listing checklist, price and listing, and negotiating with buyers.

Aside from the four modules, purchasing Ideal Car Strategies also means getting bonuses such as negotiation email templates, proprietary ideal price guide, secrets to sell for a premium, and 101 pre-purchase checklist template. And as expected from paid programs, you’ll also get access to a private members-only community with Ideal Cars team plus likeminded car enthusiasts.

So, the question that remains is, what’s the price of purchasing Ideal Car Strategies? Well, getting lifetime access to Ideal Cars Strategies cost a one time payment of $97 or two monthly payments of $48.50. It’s affordable, that’s fosho, but would I recommend it?

Ideal Car Strategies Review

With all the free resources out there, I’ll personally won’t recommend purchasing Ideal Car Strategies. I won’t stop y’all from doing it either because you might value convenience over saving a few bucks. Like, I get the  appeal of getting easy-to-follow lessons plus access to a private community without doing all the organizing and researching yourself. What you prolly want to know [basic stuff] is right there, all handed to you on a silver platter.

But then, don’t expect you’ll get some life-changing car hacks out of it. No mind-blowing revelations, maybe not even an info you still didn’t know. It won’t be something that gives you groundbreaking stuff. It’s too cheap to expect otherwise.

Lastly, don’t entertain the idea that you can make a living out of flipping cars just from purchasing this. Like, yeah, it’ll probably work out for select exotic cars with low mileage, but not with a regular car that’s probably used as a daily driver. It might be your ideal car for some time, but depreciation doesn’t give a damn. Just enjoy the ride while it lasts, aight?

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