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StreetText Review


StreetText’s co-founder Jonathan Whiting mentions the importance of staying in the right headspace. You’re a rockstar, says him,  so don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise. Not even a fluctuating market should stop you from reminding yourself that, he concludes. He’s probably saying this because StreetText can apparently help with the reminder. They’re not only a Facebook ads management platform, but a community who knows more than just setting up ads. Scroll below for the complete review.

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The said community, full of Facebook ads specialists and real estate agents, apparently knows what it takes to become successful in growing a real estate biz. They’ve been there, and done that. And guess what, they’re willing to assist you on achieving a similar success as them. A helpful bunch where anyone could easily fit in. “Whether you’re a brand new or seasoned agent, there’s a place for you with StreetText” as they put it.

They’re saying all the right things, but can they really deliver on it? I’ll say this early, but I have my doubts. Not in a way you might think, though. I’m not dissing them as a company, I think they’re really trying their best to deliver and be the helpful community as they claim. I’m more worried about what they have to manage. That’s right, I’m talking about Facebook ads.

Right now, let’s just say that Facebook ads are ironically not META. Facebook might be under Meta, the company, but their ads are definitely not one of the most effective tactics available (or META for short if it’s not clicking). Far removed from their glory days unfortunately. There’s nothing you can do much on a platform where success is hard (and costly) to get is what I’m saying.

More on that in a wee bit. For the meantime, I’ll discuss the specific deets about StreetText. From their site, they described their name as a noun for public space that connects people and businesses. Means they do set up Facebook ads on your behalf in order to connect you to your prospective customers. The essence of lead gen, I s’pose.

Here’s how they’ll do it. They’d first connect your Facebook ads account to their system, so they can create the actual ads for you. Then, they’ll connect it to their lead capture funnel to, well, capture leads. The said capture means getting names, phone numbers, and even public social info from peeps.

Every time this happens, you’ll get text notifications, so you can contact them while they’re still “warm” leads. Although, as expected, you’ll also get a dashboard to view that and more. And oh, they also have an autoresponder feature to immediately start the convo on autopilot. Again, hit them while they’re warm (at the peak of their interest).

What’s the price of StreetText? Well, they have three plans of different duration and price. The first one, StreetText’s 3 Month Plan, cost $750 upfront for the first three months, then $250 a month thereafter. Next is the most popular plan, StreetText’s 6 Month Plan, which costs $1,200 upfront for the first six months, then $200 a month. Lastly, StreetText’s 12 Month Plan cost $1,920 upfront for the first twelve months, then $160 a month. Bit pricey in exchange for convenience.

StreetText Review

If it wasn’t obvious, the cost of the Facebook ads itself is not included in the prices of plans I mentioned above. For that, StreetText suggests setting aside at least $300 monthly. Now, you can get away with only the latter as a marketing expense if you can  effectively set up the Facebook ads yourself. That’s a big IF, which is why I’m fine paying StreetText if you’re really that insistent on using those ads.

But you know what’s better advice IMO? Just don’t settle for Facebook ads at all. Having StreetText on ya side might take away the headaches of the fast-changing algorithm that usually updates at a speed we change our undies. However, they won’t be able to do much with the ads’ expensive cost. It’s just not the best for now. When there’s options, why settle for less?

Thus, if you won’t use Facebook ads, then you wouldn’t need StreetText. Likewise, you also won’t need them if you’re not a real estate agent yourself. Now that’s two reasons I won’t recommend StreetText. Not really their fault, but hey, that’s what they get for choosing a not-so-ideal business model.

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