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Seller Startup Studio Review (Ecom Hub)

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David Zaleski is the founder, and current CEO, of EcomHub, a company that focuses on giving various opportunities for individuals to earn money through ecommerce. As per their company slogan, they have the aim of “Turning the art of selling on Amazon into a repeatable science.” Through Zaleski’s company, he aims to provide training for new Amazon FBA store owners, account management for existing store owners, and investment opportunities for those looking to profit off Amazon without managing their own business. The last one, he aims to achieve through his new program, the Seller Startup Studio. Read on in this review to find out more.

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Zaleski writes this in his pitch for the Seller Startup Studio, “Years of experience have made us professionals at building profitable stores to take advantage of the online marketplace. So our Seller Startup Studio is perfect for you if you’re looking for a hands-off, high-ROI investment partnership; not another course or biz opp.” As for why anyone would invest in ecommerce right, it’s because it’s one of the more profitable businesses right now. And due to Amazon being one of the most visited sites when it comes to online shopping, it makes sense that one uses that platform if they want to earn a lot of money online.

Not even the pandemic, looming war, or any kind of inflation is going to halt the growth of the ecommerce industry. In fact, it has done the opposite. Since the pandemic has basically restricted people from going out, the only solution for buying their basic needs (and wants) is through online stores. Thus, ecommerce has become even more essential during this period, resulting in an influx of revenue. As long as people are buying things on the internet, ecom’s still going to go strong.

But again, no kind of investment is a safe investment. This is a fact that even David Zaleski emphasizes. “And while no investment is 100% risk-free, investing in an ecommerce store with us helps you minimize your risk as compared to going it alone, while still providing an abnormally high return value.” This just means that, despite any potential investment risk, he still bets on his claim that investing in ecommerce through their Seller Startup Studio is less risky than, let’s say, other markets like stocks, cryptocurrency, or even real estate.

For example, in a comparison that they made, an average return on stock investments is about 9.2% per year. For long-term real estate holdings, it’s slightly better, at about 9.4% per year. But, according to EcomHub, you can more than double that, and get about 20% per year, by investing in one of their Amazon stores. Despite their claims of impressive returns, remember the important rule of investing: Invest only what you can afford to lose. Because it’s still not a guarantee. Despite that, the risk-to-reward ratio does sound impressive. But how does it work, exactly?

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You join Ecom Hub’s investment platform in two ways. For the first one, you pay Ecom Hub for their Seller Startup Studio services. As for the second one, you cover the cost to launch and grow the business. This includes inventory, shipping, private labeling, marketing, and so on. Once you’ve shelled out your investment money, you’re all good. David Zaleski and his team will now do the rest. “Your investment allows us to build you an ecommerce store in the most successful space on the internet: Amazon. We have developed a formula to build and scale quality Amazon stores that generate income quickly and efficiently,” he says.

But how does Ecom Hub use the money that you invested? As I said before, Ecom Hub will basically take care of building your own Amazon web store. First, they’ll start with product research. Once they find potential winners, they’ll present them all to you, so you can pick one to move forward with. Once you’ve done that, they’ll also take care of finding suitable suppliers for the product you’ve chosen. They’ll even go as far as to order small samples for them to test. Once they’re satisfied with the product quality, they’ll then place a bulk order, apply custom branding (whether they’ll take care of this or it’s your choice is still unclear), and list it for sale on your new Amazon store. Finally, they’ll use their own proven online marketing system to get your newly-built Amazon store on top of the Amazon search results everytime.

Basically, the end result is a done-for-you Amazon web store that requires no effort on your part, save for the money that you used to invest in Seller Startup Studio. Once the store is all set up, David Zaleski and his team will take care of all the manpower that’s needed for your store, and all you have to do is to collect the profits from time to time. Talk about passive income. Additionally, you can potentially sell your Amazon store for 6- or 7-figures in the future. As for the initial investment cost, David Zaleski doesn’t mention it upfront. It’s only revealed to you if you book a call with them. But since it’s a done-for-you system, expect a hefty amount of investment needed. Probably around tens of thousands of dollars or more. Furthermore, expect a cut from your earnings due to a profit-sharing system.

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