Sunshy Digital Media Agency Review

Digital marketing has seen such a boom in the past few years. It sort of makes sense that that would be the case. A lot of more people are facing the screens of their phones and laptops more than television. Business in every want people to patronize their products and service. So marketing through the internet makes the most sense as of right. They still spend money on on-ground advertising. But the eyeballs are a lot more on the internet. Marketing agencies have existed for a long time. Digital-focused marketing agencies on the other hand have popped up a bit more in the past few years.

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Sunshy Digital Media Agency is just one of many digital media agencies out there. The company is just part of the Sunshy Group of Companies founded by Vishal Jain in 2017. Vishal co-founded Sunshy Digital Media Agency with Sejal Joshi. Both of them also co-founded a jewelry start-up calle Sunshy Jewels and a public relations company called Thoughtful PR. The Sunshy Group also has has a social media marketing agency called Realstagram. I don’t know if Vishal and Sejal are linked romantically. Because having co-founded three different companies together seems kind of unusual.

Since this is multi-faceted digital marketing agency, they offer what you would normally get with a digital marketing agency. First let’s start off with design. They offer custom designed content meant for social media. The first package costs $225 a month and gives you a total of 15 custom content. The second package costs $360 a month and gives you a total of 30 custom content. The third package costs $600 a month and gives you a total of 60 custom content. The custom content is mainly graphics that you can actually print out if you want to.

They also offer web design services. Like the graphic design package, they also have three packages you can choose from. A one-page website costs a one-time fee of $499. A five-page website costs a one-time fee of $999. Now, if you’re planning on operating an e-commerce business, they offer an entire website package for $1,999. All three packages is inclusive of content made by their team, integration to social media and Google maps and even a free customer support for one month. The e-commerce package also gives you fifty products that you can sell and even integration with the usual payment services.

Then there’s their content writing services that range from $240 to $600. The main difference is the amount of content you’ll get. But all of them are still within the same range in terms of word count. In case you didn’t want a full-fledged blog, they offer other content like product descriptions and e-mail newsletters. The price for those vary per type of content that you want. There’s also search engine optimizations services that can cost upwards of $3499 depending on the scale. Then there’s social media marketing that costs a few thousand dollars for those services.

They definitely have all bases covered with the kinds of services that they offer. For the most part it seems like the services they provide are priced competitively. I’m not saying that pricing they offer are cheap. Depending on the person or business who wants to avail of their services, they can probably afford to do so. It’s definitely hard to content all by yourself. In writing, it’s great to write content because it will show your style and personality. But if you can afford somebody to write for you, why not?

Personally, I can’t really recommend their services. Not because I find it expensive. But it’s because I’m fine doing what I like to do. Somebody don’t have the time or the expertise to think of content for their brand. I mean most people pay marketing agencies to develop a brand of them so it’s like they’re missing out on having me as a client. There have been some people who have developed courses in starting your own digital marketing agency. If you really want to, there are free resources for that kind of stuff. It’s great that Sunshy offers a lot of different services to people who need it. It’s hard to traverse the world of internet marketing by yourself sometimes.

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