Super Affiliate Network Review (Misha Wilson)

Misha Wilson

Misha Wilson believes that anyone can be as successful as an entrepreneur and internet marketer like him through his Super Affiliate Network program.  He believes that his program is “empowering affiliate marketers to build a business that creates a dream lifestyle, gives back to a marketplace in need, and creates true and long-lasting freedom.” The details regarding how exactly the program empowers affiliate marketers as Misha claims can be found in this Super Affiliate Network review.

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Super Affiliate Network is an affiliate marketing company that directs you to a high-ticket program called the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint.  It was founded by Misha Wilson in 2015. Since then, Misha improved his reputation on the internet from being buried in debt to being one of the youngest and fastest growing traffic and conversion expert with six-figure income. He is living his dream life now in Hawaii and claims to be working on his own terms. This ‘be your own boss’ life is possible to replicate, according to him, through joining his Super Affiliate Network.

The pitch of the program starts with a free offer of Misha’s The Millionaire Breakthrough book where he shared some of his secrets to be who he is now. The main gist is you can be like Misha by doing affiliate marketing through his Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint.

The Blueprint offers different affiliate marketing training materials packages in Super Affiliate Network’s site with comparison to perceived value of the package to its selling price. First is The Profit Boosting Bootcamp, a 15-module step-by-step training recommended for beginners in online affiliate marketing, is valued at $497 but only retails for $7. Next is The Solo Ad Success Formula, an 11-module step-by-step home study course for learning how to generate leads using solo ad marketing, is valued at $997 but sells for a lower price of $297. There is also a free book (you only need to pay for $7 shipping fee) titled The IM Profit Formula that discusses bridge funnel and a simple beginner-friendly model to apply maximum leverage.

There are also packages which are more focused on providing both training materials and live coaching sessions.  One is called The Super Affiliate Inner Circle which provides 12 months access to profit boosting boot camp and advisor along with a weekly Inner Circle coaching, monthly Immersion Coaching, and access to Solo Ad Success Formula 2.0 home study course. The said package is valued at $2,997 but sells for only $297. Lastly, there is The Affiliate Mastery Accelerator which gives 12 months of virtual implementation coaching, twice a month Immersion Coaching, and access to the online curriculum where all of Misha Wilson’s secret in creating big success online is revealed. The said package is valued at $7,991 but retails for $2,997.

Super Affiliate Network Review

The lower price offering compared to the perceived value might be tempting to grab but it’s better to proceed with caution and do your research first. Deceptive pricing strategies such as exaggerated discount has been used very often already to lure impulsive and uninformed buyers to buy a product immediately without thinking. Regarding this. there is a possibility that Misha and his team are overvaluing their products to create a ‘bang for the buck’ impression when it is not. Besides, a beginner in affiliate marketing is better off learning the ropes first on free training materials.

The mentioned possibility that Misha uses a deceptive practice is further amplified by a verified instance of another deceptive marketing strategy in his site which is hidden upsells. Besides the packages displayed prominently in the site, you are also encouraged to purchase a subscription of Super Affiliate Network Monthly to get the full experience of being Super Affiliate Network and have access to updated newsletters and videos. This cost around $37 a month for those who purchase The Profit Boosting Bootcamp, otherwise it is $47 a month.

It is not bad to have a subscription-based offer, a lot of services providers on the internet today use that pricing scheme but most of the trustworthy ones are very transparent with the said offers. In Super Affiliate Network’s case, however, the said subscription is not displayed prominently to caught uninformed customers off-guard and deceive them to buy a service they are not expecting.

Affiliate marketing can be profitable if done right. The training courses and coaching session offered by Super Affiliate Network is a valid way to learn about affiliate marketing and lead generation. However, proceed with caution and do your own research first before investing in a company like Misha’s that uses deceptive practices.

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