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Supernova Penny Stock Pattern Review (Tim Sykes)

Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes is always posting about how he’s bringing his laptop lifestyle to his trips. In an Instagram post, he shares his latest adventure in the Bahamas where he’s able to chill and trade at the same time. Is it possible for you to have the same lifestyle by following Tim’s strategies such as the  Supernova Penny Stock Pattern? As expected from a so-called financial guru, he claims that you can. Scroll below to know if it’s a cap or not.

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In a typical guru fashion, Tim is using the “athlete turned whatever he is now” script as his background story. Apparently, he could be a pro in Tennis if he didn’t suffer a career-ending injury. Unlike the guys I reviewed before with a similar story like Misha Wilson, Tim doesn’t give me the gym rat nor athletic vibes. Quite frankly, he looks like a nerd with his glasses and dad bod. At least it fits his current profession as a cool and adventurous day trader guy, I guess?

Speaking of him being a trader, he claims that he just “accidentally” got into trading. Literally, he just stumbled upon it and went YOLO by gambling his Bar Mitzvah money into it.  Fortunately for him, he’s good at trading and turned his $12k something into millions of dollars. Fast forward to now, he’s sharing his techniques as an expert trader (or so he claims). Supernova Penny Stock Pattern is one of them.

From its name, it’s a penny stock that figuratively explodes just like a Supernova in space. For a short period of time, the price of the said stock will skyrocket to the moon. After the highest of highs, it will plummet to a relatively low price again for several weeks or months. The key here is to anticipate when the “explosion” is about to happen so you can buy on the way up and short sell at a profit before it fades into obscurity.

These Supernovas in stock can be triggered by anything. According to Tim, the trigger could be a tag by a newsletter, a relevant global event, or even a company news. It doesn’t matter what triggers it, though. The only thing you need to know is that it creates a lot of opportunities to profit handsomely.

This is his all-time favorite chart pattern to trade and he’s sharing it in a masterclass, with the unsurprising name of Supernova Penny Stock Pattern, listed in his site. For the price as low as $7, you can get Tim’s video training that shows why the Supernova phenomenon in stocks happens, how to spot it, and how to profit off it. Meanwhile,buying the $21 bundle will also net you a Supernova cheat sheet that you can follow along on top of the video training. Finally, you’ll get everything previously mentioned plus Tim’s V.I.P. “$215,000 Day” case study by buying the most popular choice  bundle priced at $29.

Supernova Penny Stock Pattern Review

The price is affordable, but I still won’t recommend buying Tim’s masterclass. Number one reason is that you can get a similar piece of info on penny stocks for cheaper aka free-of-charge. The free info online probably won’t use a term that sounds cool and scifi like Tim does. But what they’ll describe is basically the same with Tim’s Supernova minus the fancy label.

Another reason is the masterclass being the start of a sales funnel. The cheap entry cost is by design. Tim wants you to get on his tab ASAP. Once you get in, Tim will likely go ham on his upsells. It could be one of his watchlist offers… probably, he’ll try to sell them all to you. Additional cost could be up to $5,000 for his alerts,  PennyStocking program, and Millionaire Challenge.

Finally, I won’t recommend buying Tim’s masterclass because it’s not smart to follow traders blindly especially with advice on high-risk securities such as penny stocks. Following someone with a not-so-good reputation like Tim is worse. He’s called out as a pump-and-dump guy who capitalized on a few wins in trading during the time when it’s almost impossible to lose. A lot has mentioned that he’s just a good marketer too, and not an actual trader. His claim of you replicating his lifestyle by following his strategies is likely a cap.

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