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Supreme Ecom Blueprint Review (AC Hampton)

You wouldn’t have trouble finding any type of resource that relates to e-commerce online. With so many different personalities providing their own advice and experience regarding that topic, there is no way that there isn’t a video or blog post about a specific question you may have about e-commerce. Some of these personalities had the bright idea to turn their knowledge and expertise into another lucrative venture. This time in the form of an online course.

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Supreme Ecom is company that was founded by AC Hampton, a guy with almost a decade’s worth of experience in the world of e-commerce. He started the company after quitting his job due to not feeling any sense of fulfillment from it. He doesn’t really have a tragic backstory compare to some of the other e-commerce gurus that I have reviewed previously. Like any attempt at something new, AC didn’t have much success right off the bat. But that didn’t stop him from getting seven-figure amounts in just a few years.

Supreme Ecom offers two programs. The first is a mentorship program that will help you start your own e-commerce business that utilizes dropshipping. Dropshipping is method that a lot of e-commerce businesses use. It has to do with letting a third-party service to handle your inventory and the packaging and delivery that comes with it. You’re still the one selling the product. Another company that has the product that you’re going to sell is the one that will do the rest of the work for you.

The second program is the Supreme Ecom Blueprint, a online course that’s a bit more general in approach. The course goes through all of the steps that you need to to start a business on an e-commerce platform, specifically Shopify. It will also discuss setting up ads, finding an audience, and other aspects of creating a business. Compared to the mentorship program, which only lasts 60 days, the Supreme Ecom Blueprint is yours to browse anytime you want once you paid for it. I do have to mention that you also get access to the Blueprint when you join the mentorship program.

The cost of the entire e-commerce course is a one-time fee worth $597. It’s definitely not a cheap course compared to courses for other topics that you might on other online learning platforms like Coursera or Domestika. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of reasoning why they settled on that amount. While you do get lifetime access to the course once you pay for it, it doesn’t still justify the cost of it. Though I guess paying for a domain name costs a lot of money to maintain. I do have to mention that they use a third-party system to host their course. And it costs a yearly subscription worth $2,988. So basically five people can pay for the cost of an annual subscription to the platform Surpeme Ecom uses.

What’s nice about Supreme Ecom Blueprint is that they show you the breakdown of the entire course on the homepage. It will take you about a few days or so to watch the entire course. The longest video in the entire course has runtime of 20 minutes and 45 seconds. Just looking at the lessons that they’re going to teach, you’re going to be spending a lot of money throughout the entire process. The cost of running an e-commerce doesn’t stop at just the price of this course. You will spend a lot of money on the services that you will need to manage your business.

There are definitely cheaper courses available that offer roughly the same content that Supreme Ecom Blueprint provides. Even then, you can probably find roughly the same strategies that Supreme Ecom uses on their own YouTube channel. If you’re somebody who have the $600 need to pay for the course, you probably shouldn’t that much about it. There’s an abundance of information on e-commerce out there on the internet. Even Shopify offers free courses for people who are already part of the platform. You can easily find cheaper alternatives if you really want to start your own online business. As long as your willing you’re to put in the work, you will likely find success in it.

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