Supreme Ecom Mentorship Review

Mentorship programs are pretty common when it comes to e-commerce. There are a lot of people nowadays who are searching for ways to earn money online. Some people suggest affiliate marketing, some suggest stock and options trading, while others have suggested e-commerce. All of the things that I mentioned in the previous sentence require a few skills that you need to have in order to succeed in them. The skills required are easily understand. But it’s definitely hard to figure out without any guidance. That’s why there are a lot of mentorship programs being offered right now. One of those programs are being offered by Supreme Ecom.

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Supreme Ecom is a e-commerce company that was founded by AC Hampton that focuses primarily on dropshipping. AC has been working in the world of e-commerce for about seven years now, five of which involved dropshipping. He doesn’t really have much of a tragic background compared to a lot of other people who found success in e-commerce. It happens a lot than you would realize. His interest in e-commerce started after he quit his job. He wasn’t feeling any sense of fulfillment by it apparently.

I have seen a lot of people who have found some level of success in dropshipping. Compared to a usual e-commerce business, you don’t have to worry about purchasing and maintaining inventory. With dropshipping, you would often partner with a third-party provider who has the stock of the product you’re going to sell online. That third-party provider will also handle the packing and shipping of the products. The price you pay for the product from the third-party provider is less than what your customer pays you for that same product from your store. The difference between those prices is your profit.

As I have mentioned in the first part of this article, Supreme Ecom provides a mentorship program that focuses on dropshipping. It is a 60-day program that will teach you everything that AC knows about running an e-commerce business that uses dropshipping. The mentorship program provides a lot of benefits so that you wouldn’t have any trouble creating an account and setting up partnerships with third-party suppliers. The mentorship program also includes access to the Supreme Ecom Blueprint, which is a course that teaches you how to setup an e-commerce business.

Unsurprisingly, they don’t mention the price of the mentorship program upfront. A lot of other e-commerce related do this sort of thing. I don’t why understand why they don’t want people to know immediately how much it costs. But I guess they don’t want people to buckle when they see the price for it. If you click on the button that says “Apply Now”, you will be redirected to a website with the application form for the program. In one of the questions in it, they ask if you are willing to invest around $1,000–3,000 to launch and scale your brand. That’s basically the range of the cost for the mentorship program. In a Reddit thread I found, somebody mentioned that they paid $3,000 to join.

For that kind of price especially for a two-month mentorship program, you would expect that you’re getting your money’s worth, right? For the most part, you might learn a thing or two about setting up e-commerce business on Shopify. But from what I have gathered is that AC doesn’t really handle any of the actual mentorship, his team are the ones who will talk to for most of the mentorship program’s duration. From how they were introduced on the sales page, they have some experience in e-commerce as well. But I guess AC is too busy with other stuff in the company to mentor people.

For the most part, AC and his team put out videos about e-commerce and dropshipping on the Supreme Ecom YouTube channel. It’s easier to get a sense of how to start an account on Shopify and what the best practices are for free. At least you aren’t spending a lot of money for it. That kind of money could actually go into your business. Starting any kind of business is risky, but it requires a lot of knowledge so that you don’t come into blind.

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