Reviewing Swaggy C’s Net Worth (Day Trading)

Going through online rabbit holes will always introduce me to people I would never know otherwise. Sometimes you’ll just find yourself suddenly watching people talk about how they earned a lot of money through things like online marketing or day trading. Swaggy C, or Chris Williams, falls on the latter side of things. As I let the video play, I was amazed by his experience that I wanted to learn more. I’ve dug myself deeper into this rabbit hole that I would’ve expected. And what I learned about Swaggy C, including his net worth, might be helpful.

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Whenever I fall through these types of rabbit holes, I will often stay longer than I would have. This seems to happen a lot whenever a person talks about how they managed to go from nothing to earning seven-digit figures a year. Those types of things will make you click on the video. Maybe there’s actually something to learn from their experiences. People want to earn money, it’s simple as that. And if the person that’s talking is someone they can relate to, it’s easier to be inspired by what they’re saying.

Swaggy C was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He didn’t live a great childhood, mainly due to his parent’s divorce early in his life. He grew up with his father and younger brother. His father, unfortunately, had kidney failure so he wasn’t able to keep a job. Growing up wasn’t a great experience but they managed to persevere through it. Chris manage to get into college where he played basketball. That was his dream. But it was an experience with trading that changed his life. He left college during senior year in order to study the basic of stock and currency trading.

He worked multiple jobs in order to to fulfill his dream and make ends meet. Unfortunately, he was in a lot of debt at that point. Somehow, he managed to join the reality competition show Big Brother in 2018. It was through that experience that he met his soon-to-be wife Bayleigh. He got evicted from the competition. Chris and Bayleigh would later on join the MTV reality competition series The Challenge after the their stint at the Big Brother house.

His stints on reality TV helped him get a lot of followers on social media. But being known for just being on reality TV wasn’t worth the fame that he now had. He went back to his original dream. Slowly but surely, he started earning more and more money. He was earning the same amount of money he earned for an entire season of reality TV in just a single day. With all of the knowledge and experiences he had, he has managed to earn $10,000,000 within a year.

It was through the success of day trading that Chris decided to share the wealth of knowledge to other people. He founded The Swag Academy as a way to teach people what he knows about forex trading for $249. The thing about trading is that it costs a lot more than just whatever you’re paying just to learn about it. The website does mention that it’s not a multi-level marketing scheme. Having reviewed a lot of MLMs, I get exactly why a disclaimer like that was necessary.

It costs a lot of money to actually go into trading. There are also a lot of risks involved in it. You are putting money into the market and you never really know what’s going to happen to it in the next hours. Maybe you’ll get your money if you sell early. If not, you basically lose the money you put into it. A lot of these educational platforms tend to include a disclaimer that none of the things they talk about in the platform should be considered financial advice. That’s a thing you have to remember.

Swaggy C seems to be doing well for himself, having just bought a mansion worth $10,000,000 in Puerto Rico. That mansion is a large part of why his net worth is worth more than $20,000,000. The weird thing about it is that Logan and Jake Paul were the ones who suggested that he move to Puerto Rico. It’s not everyday that you get advice from the Paul brothers.

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