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SWAS Agency Review (Robb Bailey, Ryan Moore)

Robb Bailey, Ryan Moore

Robb Bailey, together with Ryan Moore, offers SWAS Agency for those who want money, consistency, and peace of mind. Instead of only promising getting six to seven figures like the usual, the program is about getting holistic ROI which is long-term earning and time freedom in one. Like, alright, it’s still about getting profits, but you’re also getting it quicker, getting it easier (less work), and getting it from clients that’s a lifer. Legit? I’ll answer it below.

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But before I answer the question, let’s talk about why bother with the so-called holistic ROI first. According to Robb, he’s preaching this based on experience. Been there, done that type of beat. To him, earning tons of money alone like he did before perfecting his craft is not enough. Still failure-bound like what happened to his first seven-figure agency.

Without holistic ROI in mind, his biz turned into a hot mess. He said it himself, it seems like he made every mistake in the book. There’s none of the standardized systems and processes in place, none of ‘em solid foundation, and none of the much needed mentors to guide him along the way (how convenient coming from a now-mentor himself). A dysfunctional biz like this is still getting lotta bread, but at what cost?

Well, the cost is Robb’s health and sanity. He had to put in work day in and day out despite being one of the bosses. What’s the point of money if you can’t enjoy it, then? In that biz, he can’t. He’s even exhausting himself to a point of self-destruction just to keep the biz afloat. Walking away from it is just inevitable and he eventually did. He had to.

So, in his next venture, he corrected every mistake he made before and made some more improvements. With the help of Ryan, the rest is history, I guess? Specifically, he and Ryan made some good progress on another biz, a marketing agency in particular, and decided eventually to share and teach what they did in SWAS Agency.

In short, you bother with holistic ROI to have a sustainable biz that doesn’t burn you out. And yes, in a biz with retainer contracts, it’s also so much better to have clients that’ll work with you for the long term. I don’t know about you, but I prefer familiarity and security over the thrill of meeting new prospects. Call me boring, but that’s how I do business. Regardless, the time freedom brought by holistic ROI is not really a plus to me, but a must.

This begs the following question: Is SWAS Agency the one to provide you and your agency that holistic ROI? Are they legit? Describing holistic ROI is one thing, delivering it is another. And so, my short answer to the said question would be no, I don’t think SWAS Agency is the right one to provide you that.

SWAS Agency Review

Just a disclaimer, I’m not saying that they’re not legit because they’re straight up frauds. They’re still delivering a service and I had to commend the effort to put up hundreds of testimonials on their sales page. About the testimonials, it’s so goddamn many that I’m regretting visiting the site on an Ipad. Like, girl, I need the page down button on a PC for that one hell of a lengthy scroll.

It’s just not the RIGHT one, for me at least, because there are flat out better choices. No need to settle for less, y’all. What’s my basis on them being inferior to other programs, then? Let’s start with them not having much of a social proof outside their own domain. This one is just odd. Hundreds of testimonials posted on their own domain, but only a handful outside of it? The math ain’t math-ing. Fabricated reviews? Maybe, maybe not.

To add, it’s definitely not a good look for SWAS Agency that the most notable review outside the program’s site is a complaint on BBB. The said review detailed the other reasons I had in mind why other programs are better, which is about pricing and transparency. The starting cost of SWAS Agency as stated in the complaint is a whopping $11,900 and that doesn’t include the subscription of the required software that cost at least $495 monthly. The transparency part? Well, it’s on Robb and Ryan’s misleading with ‘em hidden monthly fees. With that said, I’m not recommending SWAS Agency.

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