Flip The Career Switch Review (Flipthecareerswitch.com)


Flip The Career Switch with just its name can surely trigger some strong emotions regarding a day job. I mean, who else wants to stay in a boring cubicle work with all the sh*t in store— the pay, the boss, the culture, and the commute. That’s how these kinds of programs describe the usual 9-5 and getting off such, if the chance allows, is just the no nonsense choice. Kindly scroll down for more info.

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Obviously, you can’t just follow what the program’s name suggests and be done with it. The program should make it possible to leave your job and still be able to cover all your expenses. Unless you have a sugar daddy, you can’t just expect the bills to pay for itself. That’s why I’ll review Flip The Career Switch. Is it worth doing what its name suggests?

Short answer would be no because, well, Flip The Career Switch is not a program itself. It’s more of a squeeze page, an affiliate link to the actual high-ticket program called Matt’s Marketing Blueprint. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll just call it here Flip The Career Switch. It’s really not, but you get the point… I hope so. That’s reason number one why Flip The Career Switch is not worth it.

Reason number two would be the business model. I’m not a believer it’ll give you some coins, let alone make you earn an income of 7k a month like its promise. What is it? Well, it’s part MLM, part selling a high-ticket program combined. For the MLM part, you got your usual levels here. About that….

The first and most basic level of Flip The Career Switch, Gold level, cost $3247 which is inclusive of the $247 admin fee. Here, you’ll make $1,500 on every sale of the levels (aka referrals). Next is Platinum level at $7,447 ($447 admin fee) with commission of $3,500 on every sale. Third is Diamond level at $14,647 ($647 admin fee) with commission of $7,000 on every sale. Lastly, Flip The Career Switch’s Royal level cost a whopping $21,847 ($847 admin fee) with $10,500 commission every sale.

Sounds familiar? Sure is. Sh*t, even the infographics used to show the levels is infamously iconic to me at this point. Aside from Matt’s Marketing Blueprint, this is pretty much the same with the programs of the Marc’s (Marc Wilson and Marc Barrett), Josh Snyder, and, to some extent, Adam Holland.

To dissociate  themselves from MLM, they also made it a point that it’s a DFY high-ticket program selling and not the former. Projecting hard that the main selling point is the content behind the levels first, the opportunity to earn commission second. Like no, sh*tty PLRs as content would never be appealing for multiple grand, full stop. Heck, I wouldn’t buy them for a single dime myself because they’re outdated af and simply not worth it.

Flip The Career Switch Review

Thus, Flip The Career Switch is just like an MLM with a twist. Since you’re not really selling a product, you’re just selling a membership which is, in other words, just a plain old MLM recruitment. The only twist would be them providing a website to act as your funnel just like what Flip The Career Switch really is. And oh, they also claim to close the deals on your behalf as long as you feed your website with leads. Leads that you’ll buy from them… again!

With that being said, I’m not recommending Flip The Career Switch. Not that it really matters because the link where Flip The Career Switch redirects is actually dead. But, yeah, this is more of a PSA to anyone wanting to replace their 9-5 with MLM or similar biz. Instead of making money, you’ll be losing with the said biz. 

Not just money, but also time, effort, and even relationships. Spamming the ‘Gram and sending out lotta dms only to be rejected. It also could be your fam and friends cutting off the ties with ya completely because you’ve changed for the worse. I swear, nothing is more annoying than a cult-behaving MLMer. Just stay the f*ck away from the biz, alright. Okay? Okay.

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