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Timothy Sykes Watchlist Review

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Timothy Sykes has been a well-known name in the stock trading industry. So much, that when you’re just getting started in day trading, he’s most likely one of the names that can come up when they’re suggesting as to where you should learn. Whenever you’re seeing him in his YouTube ads, you’ll immediately notice his over-the-top and bombastic persona, constantly flashing his expensive lifestyle. Of course, he also implies that you, too, can have the lifestyle that he has if you join his program about stock trading. But we all know that stock trading can be incredibly risky, so will Timothy Sykes’ Watchlist do anything differently?

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Tim Sykes has built a reputation for himself by day trading penny stocks and turning the $12,415 that he got as a present in his bar mitzvah celebration (basically, a coming-of-age occasion for Jews) into $1.65 million. That is something no other dealer with a comparable service can claim, and to make it even more impressive, he did it before he turned 21 years of age.

Tim got his start on trading penny stocks, as previously stated. He has since broadened his portfolio to include various types of equities, notably earnings winners. riding on his success in the stock market as well as his growing popularity, he has since written a book called An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator and Started a Hedge Fund, and built a little empire by teaching people how to trade. More recently, he has created his own stock trading alerts service in order to help other people gain the winning edge and earn a huge amount of profits in stock trading.

His watchlisting service is divided into three parts. The first part is Tim’s Alerts, and is the simplest of the bunch. As the name states, it’s an alert service that detects any stock movement from the chart it monitors, whether it’s a positive or negative movement, and alerts its members on the move so they can capitalize on that potential trade to earn money. It includes chatroom access, a daily stock watchlist, trade alerts, and other push notifications. It costs around $75 per month to join this service, and for experienced traders and customers who only want access to the trading room and trade notifications, this membership is the ideal option.

The second program is the PennyStocking Silver, which is what I would say is an excellent starting point for beginner traders. You may think that, based on its name, is that it only focuses on how to trade penny stocks. However, this is not the case, as it’s actually a rather comprehensive training program about stock trading overall. From technical to fundamental analysis to trading psychology, PennyStocking Silver covers it all. While getting through them all would be difficult, there is enough trading knowledge to be found. Tim’s easy-to-understand explanations are ideal for beginners. It costs $149.95 per month to enroll in this training program, and this also includes Tim’s Alerts.

The final program, and certainly the most expensive out of Tim’s programs, is the Millionaire’s Challenge. All the previous offers, from Tim’s Alerts to the PennyStocking Silver, are included here. A new addition to this package includes exclusive access to live webinars hosted by Tim himself, as well as his other protégés. It costs around $5,000 per year to avail of this program, thus making this the most expensive out of the three.

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As for what other people think about Timothy Sykes, they’re actually rather mixed. Some people say that he’s a great guy, and his training has helped them succeed and earn plenty of money in stock trading. Others say that he’s a fraud, and that he’s not really a legitimate penny stock trader, but rather, a marketer.

Personally, I’d say that he’s a legitimate guy. I liked the fact that he once called out and criticized several well-known people, and even big businesses, for promoting pump-and-dump schemes in the stock market. That’s honestly commendable. However, as for the value of his training programs, I certainly think that $5,000 is a bit too much for a stock market course. And it doesn’t take into account that, when you want to start stock trading, you have to shell out a pretty large sum of investment in it in order to really have a good amount of returns. Therefore, if you really want to learn from him, I suggest that you visit his own YouTube channel first and learn some basics of stock trading from there, to see if this model works for you, and to find out for yourself if Tim Sykes is the mentor that you want.

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