Dropshipping Academy Review (Sylvester Buti)

There is no shortage of online courses about e-commerce that’s available online. If you know where to look, you will find a plethora of courses being offered by different people. For the most part, the content in those courses are roughly the same. They probably differ in how they explain them. But you can’t really deviate that much because everyone’s playing with the same concepts in e-commerce. Because there are so many different e-commerce course available online, how exactly do you choose the one that’s right for you?

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Getting into e-commerce can be such a daunting task. While the tools and resources are available at your fingertips, you’re still effectively starting your own business. You don’t have to worry about renting a space because you’re mainly going to sell stuff online. I mean, it’s still possible to have a brick and mortar shop along the way, but it’s not really a short-term goal for most beginners. You’re mainly worried about actually starting the business, after all.

I guess it’s a good thing that there are a lot of different e-commerce courses that are available. Most of the ones that I have seen like the ones from AC Hampton or Chris Wane are mainly based in the United States. While it’s good that most e-commerce courses are applicable to anyone across the world, it’s better if the courses were being provided by someone who knows the landscape of e-commerce in a specific country. Lucky for people in South Africa because Sylvester Buti created Dropshipping Academy with them in mind.

Dropshipping Academy isn’t really that different from other online courses that I have seen that focus on dropshopping. Like I said, you’re pretty much playing with same concepts regardless of how you explain them. None of the topics being discussed in this course are different from the courses about dropshipping that other people offer. But this course takes into consideration the spending and purchasing habits of people who live in South Africa.

The cost of joining Dropshipping Academy is a one-time fee of ZAR 4,992 or roughly $300. They offer a four-month installment plan worth ZAR 1,250 if you don’t have that kind of money upfront. The course curriculum is similar to other dropshipping courses. They start off with the basics of dropshipping and its benefits, certain product niches that you could sell in, the difference between local and international markets. Later on in the course, they also teach you how to source the products you’re going to through local dropshipping supplier platform called Dropstore and on AliExpress. They will also teach you how to set up a store on Shopify.

I have mentioned dropshipping a lot in this review. You may be wondering what the heck that term means. It’s basically a method wherein a third-party supplier takes care of the inventory and delivery of the products that you’re going to sell in your store. Normally, you would purchase a certain amount of a certain product that you’re going to sell in your store. It costs a lot of money to do so. Sometimes that item sells out quickly, sometimes it collects dust in your inventory because no one buys them. When you operate a business that utilizes dropshipping, you really don’t have to worry about unsold items.

The course that Sylvester is offering through Dropshipping Academy isn’t that much different from the other dropshipping courses that I have reviewed. It’s definitely a bit cheaper than the ones offered by AC or Chris. But price can still be a big factor to consider. Starting any kind of business has some cost involved with it. While you don’t have to worry about purchasing inventory for your business, you’re going to spend some money that you saved from it elsewhere.

If you’re a person from South Africa who is interested in starting a local e-commerce business, then perhaps this course could be helpful to you. Aside from the course, you also get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can talk to Sylvester and your fellow classmates. You somehow also get a copy of the course through a USB flashdrive, which is something I haven’t seen before. It’s likely to be beneficial to you. But you do need to put some effort into running your business.

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