Nick Symmonds Net Worth

It’s hard being a professional athlete. And I’m not saying this from experience. I am not athletic by any means. But it seems like getting into any sort of sport professionally takes a toll on you. You have to exert a ton of effort to fortify your body in order to reach a goal. And that could affect your mental health. It must be hard on a lot of athletes constantly practicing for their sport because they have to be at their best whenever they have to participate in a competition. Often times, you will reach a point where you can’t do it the same as before. So what do you then? You retire. But the drive to be at your best never really ends, even at retirement.

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If you’re someone who keeps track of the U.S. Team during the Olympics, be it the summer or winter games, you may have heard of Nick Symmonds. For most of us who don’t keep track that much of the lineup for any countries’ Olympic teams, Nick is an middle-distance track athlete who grew up in Boise, Idaho. Middle-distance tracks basically run up from 500 meters to 3000 meters. When it comes to the middle-distance track, he specializes in the 800- and 1500-meter tracks. He has won the U.S. national 800-meters championship six times. Made it to the semi-finals of 800-meter track at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing and finished fifth in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, which is where he earned is personal best time of 1:42.95.

During his collegiate years at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, where he earned a degree in biochemistry, he did pretty well for himself, winning 800m NCAA championship race in all four years. It was after he finished college that he joined the Oregon Track Club. He was pretty proficient in the sport. It was during that time with the team that he got his chance to join the national teams for the two Summer Olympic Games that I mentioned earlier. He left the team soon after due to him changing sponsors. The Oregon Track Club is famously sponsored by Nike. Symmonds chose to strike a sponsorship deal with Brooks instead. That decision lead to him getting kicked off the U.S. national team at the 2015 World Championship in Athletics. In 2016, Symmonds had to forego racing at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In between the years of his Olympic career, Symmonds founded Run Gum, a company that makes caffeinated gum for athletes. I’m not really sure if the gum works exactly. But the company is still alive to this day so they must doing something right. He also founded a company that sells a nutritional supplement called Immune Boost Daily. He also published a guide book titled “8 Week Powerlifting Program.” He’s also a pilot. He has an estimated net worth of at least $900,000.

In 2017, he retired from professional track after being eliminated at the USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships. Since then he has began a career putting out videos on YouTube. As of this writing, he has amassed 776K subscribers on the platform, with his most recent videos getting a few hundred thousand views. Most of the videos that he posts are fitness-related, often involving him challenging other people. He has gotten some flak from his videos recently, one of which got a three collegiate athletes suspended after being featured in a view. He also received flak for organizing racing events during the pandemic without any social distancing measures put in place.

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