Triple Sync Logic Review (Todd Rampe)

Todd Rampe

Todd Rampe claims that his Triple Sync Logic Software enables him to consistently spot winning trades 75% of the time. According to him, using his software and the rules accompanying it will put you in 5%-10% group of traders that earn a lot of money while not being stuck behind a laptop all day to spot market reversals. He calls it zero guesswork trading – it is simple, it works, and it makes money. “Take advantage of other’s fear and greed without being fearful or greedy yourself,” Todd continues. Learn more about Todd and his Triple Sync Logic program by reading this program below.

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Triple Sync Logic is an online training program in stock options trading that is headlined with a software of the same name as the program. Basically, it promises to take out the guesswork out of stock options which is a contract between two parties that gives the buyer the right to buy or sell underlying stocks at a price and within a specified time period. The program was founded by Todd Rampe, a trader since 1998 who also created Wealth Builders Institute. Todd also claims to be one of the very few trading mentors that actually trades his own account using the exact method he teaches.

The process of signing up for the program starts by registering on a free 49-minute webinar which discusses what methods to expect from the paid workshop. First, Todd explains that the methods he will teach is to learn how to get started with trading at a lower cost, identify how the smart money (aka the institutional traders) moves to control prices, and avoid yourself being fooled by them. In the “h” pattern he presented, he shows that he was able to earn 40% of the market reversal amount within a day. Specifically, he shows how his 10 contracts that controls 1000 shares costing $2,400 becomes $4,230 after the transaction was completed. He also mentions that this cost is very low compared to buying shares normally at around $200,000. To summarize, Todd promises to win trades 75% of the time with 27% average gain while minimizing the losses to 7.5% at most.

In the webinar, Todd also mentions the three golden rules if you want to make your trading simple which are the following: Only stay trading in the average of 45 minutes and strictly follow his pattern instead of smart money’s hype, only trade within the stocks average move, and follow the oscillator indicator as a signal to get in and get out. He also emphasizes that you must not have a full-time job and be able to dedicate up to 2.5 hours every morning (start of market session) to be able to utilize his program. Finally, he encourages to book a phone call so they can discuss the details of the paid 8-week workshop.

The paid workshop consists of 8 hours of live class that discusses the following topics: step-by-step training to use Triple Sync Logic Software, how to spot market reversals and patterns and your move depending on the pattern, what not to do at a beginning of every market session, the five best stocks to trade, and many more. The said class with lifetime access to the Triple Sync Logic software, coaching sessions, and an online member’s area costs $6,997.

Triple Sync Logic Review

The said cost is quite expensive but expected from a stock options trading course. In fact, it is far cheaper than Bauer’s Power Picks which can cost up to $20,000 due to upsells. However, it is still risky to invest such huge amount of money when there is a complaint on Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Todd’s not honoring their 60-day refund policy. The said policy is not ideal too since you are required to make at least twenty real money trades by following Todd’s rules meticulously. Todd can easily say that your trade does not follow their rules which he did – he told the complainant on BBB that the 60 trades he presented did not satisfy the 20 trade following Todd’s rules requirement for a refund.

It is also recommended for stock options trader to develop their trading style first and not blindly follow an alert signal system like Todd’s. Only use the methods and software as a tool for making your own decision and not be the end-all be-all solution to every trading scenario.

To conclude, Todd Rampe and his Triple Sync Logic program is not a scam. However, I am not inclined to recommend his program because of its cost. It is also better to learn from free resources first so you can develop your own trading style without shelling huge sum of money upfront. If you are a beginner, it is also advisable to skip options trading since it is a highly volatile market and requires at least $2,000 per transaction.

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