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Syslo Ventures

Robert Syslo insists on continuous development on systems of his Syslo Ventures company. For three years, he’s able to grow it to a team of twelve and would want to scale it further. Refining, speeding up, and, generally speaking, improving the systems would make his desired expansion possible. He’s trying to level up his agency, but does that mean he can level up yours too? Get all the juicy info about Robert and his Syslo Ventures in my review below.

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Let’s get straight into it, shall we? Syslo Ventures is a creative marketing agency based in Miami, Florida. When I say agency, I mean providing digital marketing solutions in various forms of media that are as follows: Video production, graphic design, web design, promotion, distribution, brand development, brand awareness, advertising, and training.

There you have it, a brief overview on Syslo Ventures, but how about Robert himself? I’ll start with the most notable thang he had in him. And no, it’s not him starting the Syslo Ventures and naming it after himself. Instead, it’s something that happened right before his stint in his own company. And that is him being the director of production for Grant Cardone TV and training.

Hate him or not, we can’t deny the influence of Grant Cardone as an internet marketer. He’s his own brand himself that’s sellable to many. And Robert, the one we’re reviewing here, is part of that success. For five years, he has churned out over two thousand pieces of marketing content for Grant. Two freaking K! Not only that, he also managed hundreds of live shows and developed advertising strategies for hundreds of customers.

Him being a director of production on Grant’s company also made him realize that what he lacks before is business skills. He’s been in the sales and film-making industry before, but never thought both would go hand in hand until he had a job at Grant’s. Now, he’s still practicing both on Syslo Ventures. And oh, he’s also teaching ‘em now too in his company.

As far as I know, Robert is not faking his wide array of marketing  and sales experience. This is important because that’s one of the main selling points of Syslo Ventures. Like, you’re going to choose his company because he’s the so-called video guru of Grant before; that he had over a year working at Apple the tech giant as a creative; and so on and so forth. You get it.

Despite that, kudos to him for not overdoing  the personal brand thing. Done just right instead of Robert did this, Robert did that all over the place. He’s not the earth to his company’s moon if you know what I mean. Although, not gonna lie, there’s still too much of his big ass forehead on the company’s homepage to my liking. Tone it down a lil bit, I guess?

Robert Syslo Review

Anyway, let’s talk more about what Syslo Ventures has to offer. I’ve mentioned it earlier, but I’m going to add more info about his training. Here, he got a course on creativity, social media marketing, graphic design and Photoshop, and Video Editing with Premiere. The price of Syslo Ventures’ courses? Well, Syslo Ventures’ course cost around $29 up to $99.

The courses are cheap, but, personally, I would rather explore free alternatives first. Go for it if you want convenience, but the depth of content would likely not differ from the likes of tutorials posted on YouTube. Same can be said with the method of delivery, no one-on-one coaching whatsoever. And yes, ‘xcuse my penny-pinching ass, but I had to say this for the broke peeps out there who might need to skip a meal to buy this. You don’t need to, alright.

And yeah, the stuff that might take your very own digital marketing agency to the next level is probably locked behind his pricier services. To answer the question above, I would say yes, he has the services to level up your thang if you have one, but you have to have hundreds, probably thousands of dollars to get it. Not that it’s necessarily bad because, well, I understand that expertise comes at a price, but you might get the wrong idea with his courses. Just so you know, it won’t be cheap like those.

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