Super Affiliate System Review (John Crestani)

John Crestani

Super Affiliate System (SAS) is advertised as the ultimate blueprint to start your home-based affiliate marketing business anywhere in the world. With SAS, you can allegedly build a six-figure business that earns $1,000 a day. Doubtful of the claims? Read this Super Affiliate System to know if you should.

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SAS is an affiliate marketing program that provides training materials and templates needed for setting up your own affiliate program. The process is basically the following: create a paid ad on a reputable site such as Facebook to drive people on your landing page, get the people who visited your landing page on your email list, and send them emails and affiliate links so they buy a product you recommend which will get you a commission. It was founded by John Crestani.

The main training material offered by the program is a 6-week course with over 50 hours of video content. For the first week module titled Setup, you will be taught of the basics of affiliate marketing such as how to setup your ads and presell pages, and how to leverage affiliate networks and their representatives.
The second week titled Choosing your Niche is all about figuring out your niche and ad network to specialize on, creating competitive advantages as an online marketer, and creating the right mindset.

Week 3 titled Advanced Marketing Skills discusses 17-step copywriting methods, 5 keys to a profitable sell page, and other advanced optimization topics.

Week 4 and 5 titled Facebook and Google Advertising and YouTube Ads and Native Advertising respectively talks about setting up good ads on the mentioned platforms.

Lastly, week 6 named Scaling and Automation covers topics on the use of survey funnels, the $240,000 solar campaign case study, how to hire and manage media buyers, and how to scale affiliate campaigns from $1,000 per day profit to $20,000 per day.

All the training materials plus buyers’ data, ad and presell pages templates, live weekly coaching sessions, VIP pass to affiliate networks, and access to the Super Affiliate Community support group is valued at $4,985 but only retails for either onetime payment of $997, 3 monthly payments of $397, or 5 monthly payments of $247. This is also with a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee according to their site.

However, there are discrepancies on the refund policy of SAS. On the sales page of the course, it is written as a 60-day money back guarantee instead of 30 days. It returns to only  30 days on the refund policy link on the sales page. However, both terms of use on the homepage of SAS and its sales page indicates that they do not offer any refunds at all. Under warranties section of the terms linked in the sales page, it mentioned the following: “Company does not issue warranties or offer refunds of any kind.”

For the terms linked on the homepage, it also has a disclaimer that said SAS “makes no warranties, expressed or implied, and hereby disclaims and negates all other warranties….” Such statements plus reviews that mentioned getting ignored when asking for a refund are not reassuring at all.

The mentioned discounted price is also marketed as only available for the limited time when it is not. This fake scarcity tactic is a shady practice. There are also upsells within the program.

Super Affiliate System Review

To add, the presell pages templates included in the program is for advertising the SAS course itself. Most of the testimonials are also students reporting sales of SAS. Given that, it seems that the primary purpose of this is to turn students into salespeople for the SAS.

John Crestani has also been involved with issues that stain his reputation. He was banned from Paypal before because of selling a product (a course like SAS) Paypal did not approve of. He also got suspended from a university for hacking the exam system and selling the answers to other students.

As a popular content creator of over 524k subscribers on YouTube, he is also accused of stealing another Youtuber’s content on copywriting. No acknowledgement of the accusation or any apology was heard from John. Instead, he chose to just delete the video and moved on. These mentioned issues just show how shady and unprofessional John can be.

To conclude, it is better to steer clear of SAS. Affiliate marketing can be profitable when done right but it is recommended to learn it from a course with more reasonable claim and more reputable creator than SAS.

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