Tamara Tee Review

Tamara Tee

Tamara Tee seems to be fond of posting photos of herself sitting in some fancy hammock. Also, sitting on those cushy egg-shaped chairs that has been popular in resorts and beaches recently. I’m getting some carefree and laptop lifestyle vibes from her snaps and probably, she’s living her life on her own terms for real. Is this possible due to her selling well in FBA? Yeah, maybe. This doesn’t mean that you can replicate her success by paying for her FBA course.

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I already spill the tea regarding her course in this FBA Winners Course review. You can check it out yourself if you’re interested of what her flagship course has to offer. Go read it especially when you hate those “strategic” and “breakthrough” one on one calls just to know what’s up with someone’s course. You know that they’re doing that to have the pocket watch swinging and hypnotize you to buying their sh*t without thinking.

They do need to do some kind of selling spiel to make you buy. They’re not selling the course at a fixed price of $1,997 recently, but at a higher price of up to $5,000 and depends on what they think you’re willing to pay. A previous student of Tamara shows her frustration in a review below:

“…Teaching the same method that doesn’t work for everyone. Price of the course was $1197 a year ago, today she’s trying to charge up to $5000 for a course that isn’t even advanced. Most I would pay for it is under $1000. After buying the course I was surprised You can find 90% of the course information in her YouTube videos for free. Trust me.”

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That’s only one of her past students, but I saw more that also discusses how appalled they are with the steep increase in the price. I mean, the frustration is understandable since they’re expecting a quote of $1,997 but you’ll give a figure that is 250% higher than their expectations. And yeah, there’s nothing really new, aka no significant changes and added content, in the course so the price hike of Tamara is not justified.

I also somehow agree to the student I mentioned earlier on how you can find the info for free without paying. You really could. What you’re usually after these premium courses are the precious bits of info that are unique to those who already succeed. I mean, you can follow some advice from a random anonymous person in a Reddit forum on how you do your biz. But you’ll have a better piece of mind knowing you’re learning from a person you can see beyond their advice and with a personality that you can check.

Tamara Tee Review

Still, I recommend checking free resources first before throwing cash to something expensive. It’s contrary to what Tamara said in her free “training” video, which is just a sales pitch BTW, that you steer clear of free contents about FBA on YouTube. Quite ironic since she’s offering free contents too via YouTube, that’s why the reviewer mentioned it on her review. Lowkey commended it too while dissing her paid course, that’s what I call hitting two birds with one stone.

Anyway, I also don’t like Tamara Tee for some of her exaggerations. First thing I noticed is her work experience in a traditional 9-5 job. I mean, there’s no way she has already over 10 years of experience on that unless she’s a vampire that never age at all. Girl looks so fresh and young, maybe something about the Asian genes in her. Turns out, her experience is around 8 years and 5 months only based on her LinkedIn profile. NGL, the number is already fine as it is but why exaggerate to over 10 years? Same with her saying a too good to be true figure on expected revenues on a FBA biz that just got launched. No way someone’s taking a clean ten grand or more with a fresh store unless they’re a well-known celebrity with hot-selling merch. You know, someone like Bella Delphine that can charge thousands for (only) her bath water and still sold out.

Ultimately, what she’s preaching is very unsustainable in the next year or beyond. This is about her recommending her students to target products that are $30 or less. This is somewhat fine now, but might be a recipe for disaster later as the cost for advertising in Amazon PPC is expected by many to go significantly higher. This also means high risk of failing in an already risky endeavor as you only have razor thin profit margin to work on.

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