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AMZ Elite Masterclass Review (Benjamin Tan)

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Benjamin Tan is an Amazon FBA seller who claims that he has made over three million dollars in sales just by doing his business. He started selling on Amazon around 2017, when he realized that trading his time for money is a very bad idea, a realization that came about when his wife suffered a miscarriage as a result of both of them overworking. He claims that he has become one of Singapore’s Top Amazon sellers since then, in the first year by closing a million dollars sales. Now, Benjamin focuses on selling his course that teaches people how to make money on Amazon, through his AMZ Elite Masterclass.

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Benjamin Tan’s promotional video for LeapVista has him saying this, “We are officially entering into an economic recession. Millions of people are losing their jobs or being forced to go on paid leave. But Amazon just announced that they’re hiring 100,000 more employees in the U.S. during this crisis. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this crisis has increased Amazon’s business. And there has never been a better time for you to start selling on Amazon.”

Benjamin continued, “And while my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected [by the pandemic], I feel a great sense of relief for many of my students who started building their Amazon business months ago, as they now have an online business supporting them when the world is entering into such uncertain times.” From this statement, we can say that Benjamin is somewhat new to Amazon coaching. Which makes sense as according to sources, he could’ve started around February 2020.

He’s also quite grateful for the success that he has received in Amazon. As mentioned before, his wife suffered a miscarriage due to overworking. That’s because back then, he was a struggling real estate agent, and on the side, they’re also running a brick and mortar “escape room” business. If he didn’t pivot and start selling on Amazon, he could’ve lost most, if not all, of his income. He doesn’t want others to experience that kind of hardship, so he encourages you to act now. Besides, he claims that it’s never too late to start selling on Amazon, and here’s why.

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Amazon.com gets more than 200 million visitors a month on average. And it’s predicted that it’s going to increase even further as we are currently in a pandemic situation, where quarantine protocols have limited people to go out of their houses. So how do they buy the goods they need or want? Mostly online. And even if the protocols have eased up and the world returns to “normal”, those numbers won’t change. They may even continue to increase, in fact, because shoppers will have developed the online shopping habit already. Therefore, Benjamin believes that by being a seller at Amazon, you’ll be able to take advantage of the huge and ever-increasing customer base to build a business that can let you earn a huge amount of income, even passive income.

Enter Benjamin Tan’s AMZ Elite Masterclass training program. If you want to learn almost everything there is to know about building a successful Amazon business. As it’s an online course, you don’t need any prior experience in selling or any other to participate in this course. And you don’t even need any technical skill, either. As befitting of an Amazon FBA course, you’ll learn about product research, where you can source the products you’re going to sell, how to market your store, and also scaling your business. Not only that, you’ll learn Benjamin’s closely guarded secret that allows him to consistently source viral and profitable products, while Amazon FBA takes care of the storage, packing, and fulfillment. Not only that, you’ll learn Benjamin’s so-called “closely guarded secret” that allows him to consistently source viral and profitable products.

The cost to enroll in Benjamin Tan’s program isn’t mentioned anywhere, thus, you have to book a call first to find out. I’m going to assume it’s going to be worth a thousand dollars, but it could even be more or less. But despite that, I always say to my readers that Amazon FBA is a rather bad business model to be in right now, for three reasons. First, the startup capital that you’ll need to launch this business can easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars, especially if you’re starting out. Secondly, while Amazon has plenty of customers visiting, there are also a lot of online sellers on the platform right now, regardless of the niche you choose. Thus, the problem of saturation. Finally, depending on your product sources, there’s always a risk when it comes to the quality and schedule of the products being shipped. Especially with the restrictions in China right now…

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