Tava Marketing Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Tava Marketing (known as Tava Lifestyle) is a fresh name in the MLM setup aspiring to be the best in the health and wellness niche. We all know that this niche has been out there for countless decades. For a baby company like Tava, how would they encourage customers that their products are much more advanced and effective than any other companies ahead of them. Will they even be able to do it? Let’s all find out.

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The health and wellness niche is already a $4 trillion industry and we all don’t know what Kenny Lloyd was thinking entering this saturated market when he established Tava Lifestyle back in 2019. Yes, it is just recently and it is already known that this niche is also what the big sharks are into like the well-known Amway. Maybe since they think that they can be as successful if not more than any other company with this kind of niche that they still took the risk and pursued it.

When I check out their website, they only have a total of 4 products as of now. Energy supplement capsules that support energy production and may also improve muscle growth and metabolism, a dietary supplement in the form of tea that may cleanse your body of everyday impurities (sounds like a cult thing tho) and help remove toxins to feel your best self, a multivitamin drink and a CBD-infused coffee which is designed to nurture the calmness in you (remember, we’re talking about coffee here).

The efficacy of the products cannot be determined unless you try them yourself. And we wouldn’t know if they are any better than those existing ones. The only benefit you will get by joining a new company like Tava is that you can experience it first hand to be at the top, because there are only a few of you to begin with. That is, given that you will be successful in recruiting and building your downline.

There is a membership fee at Tava that only costs $49 but if you want to become a distributor to qualify for their compensation plan, you must buy one of their Enrollment Product Packages that ranges from $100-$2000. This fee will give access to your personal website provided by them that you can use to keep track of your business, and this is one way for you to earn money if you recommend someone to the said website and they bought products through it.

As per retail commission, you will get a $10 discount on all of their products and that will be your profit for each Tava Lifestyle product that you will sell. But if they buy products through your replicated website, you will earn $25 instead. A part of why MLM products are so damn expensive is because distributors need to pay for their software system and maintenance monthly for it to stay active.

They also have the quick start bonus that will help you earn up to $800 if you recruit people and they buy product packages as said earlier. From here on out, your income will solely be based on recruiting people and building your own team (downline). This might be hard because even your warm market (family, friends, co-workers) might not be interested in this kind of setup, what more if you look for someone, somewhere to convince and recruit in joining this kind of company.

Their compensation plan for teams is based on a binary structure. You sure can be tagged as responsible, good leader and any other praise if both of your legs are doing great and generating big sales, which is not the case for most of the time. There will be, for most times, a leg that is lacking for both sales and recruitment and the saddest part is that the company will pay your commission through the weaker leg’s generated sales.

To sum it up, Tava Marketing is not a scam. It is a new legitimate company that sells health and wellness products. If you plan to join them, it may become hard and taxing to sell their products because there are already a lot of companies out there who came first and are more known than them. But if you make it, you may become one of the pioneering members and you can secure your position early while the company is still at a developing stage. 

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