Tax Sale Blueprint Reviews (Bob Diamond)

Bob Diamond

Bob Diamond, who calls himself America’s Tax Sale attorney, mentions a loophole within the tax system. According to him, it “spits out profit checks of $7,500 or more” without any financial risks, whatsoever. To add, it’s also a side hustle that you can do anytime and anywhere you want. And for a price, he’s willing to show you the exact Tax Sale Blueprint that takes advantage of the said loophole. Interested? Read this review first before signing up.

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Ever heard of the Overages Blueprint by Bob Diamond? If you do, the said name is just another moniker for Tax Sales Blueprint. Don’t get confused, they are used interchangeably by Bob to refer to the same program. I would prefer him to stick to one, but it is what it is. For now, I’ll be the one to consistently call it the Tax Sale Blueprint. Take note, Bob!

Anyway, what’s the secret sauce, the so-called loophole you’re going to take advantage, in Bob’s Tax Sales Blueprint? Well, it’s something you call tax overages. In layman’s terms, it’s the excess funds that’s up for grabs – whatever is left after the government gets their dues over a foreclosed property. If you think about it like a mathematical formula, tax overages is equal to the auction price of the foreclosed property minus unpaid taxes (the said government’s dues). Get it? No?

Okay, let’s say you know nothing about real estate and that you need some help on identifying what the hell even is foreclosed properties. Don’t worry hun, I got you with the deets about foreclosure. Let’s say you want to borrow a dollar from me. I’m like alright, you go get it from me, but you have to pay me back within a week.  Else, I’ll sell your fancy $2 pen, so I can get the dollar you owe me. You agreed, but you failed to give me back my dollar in a timely manner. So, I sold your pen, got the dollar you owed me, and sent the remaining dollar to you.

Instead of me selling your fancy pen, I’m talking about the government selling houses of those who weren’t able to pay their taxes instead. Of course, the excess fund that they’ll send back is none other than the tax overages. As long as you’re not in the states that “keeps the change” like New York, Colorado, and Michigan, you can profit off this. I’m not saying that you let your house get auctioned off by the government. The opportunity here is helping people, who got their properties foreclosed, to get the tax overages that’s rightfully theirs.

According to Bob, a lot of people don’t know that tax overages exist, so you can offer a service to retrieve such as your very own side hustle. NGL, it doesn’t feel good profiting off someone’s misery. Y’know, somehow comparable to a funeral parlor located near an accident-prone highway. At least you’re helping, I guess? 

Heck, it’s a lucrative biz that’s easy-peasy to do too if Bob’s not bullsh*tting. It goes like this: cold-call those with tax overages to claim and offer to get them their monies back; get to work and accomplish the documents and all the bits and bobs needed that’ll take you around 10 hours tops to finish; and wait for the commission check of 30%-40% which is around $10k each deal. Rinse and repeat. Easy money according to Bob.

Tax Sale Blueprint Reviews

We all know what happens next. In a typical financial guru fashion, Bob is, as expected, just lying to sell his Tax Sale Blueprint that costs $1,497. The said loophole here is not that lucrative nor easy-peasy to do. Well, this is especially true for the average individual who’s not a lawyer nor a part of a large-scale biz in finder companies. 

Right off the bat, good luck trying to persuade someone who recently lost their homes to work with you, a no-name fella. Sh*t’s not an easy task, especially when you’re competing against more reputable finder companies. I don’t think anyone is desperate enough that they’ll work with a random caller who probably has none of the sales chops. The skill of closing deals is not taught in the Tax Sales Blueprint, anyway. If they are THAT desperate too, they’ll take the matter into their own hands and get the tax overages themselves.

If you somehow snagged a deal, it would likely NOT net you a $10k commission. Not even close. And not only that, it’s definitely NOT a side hustle as it requires a lot of time and effort to pull off. With that being said, I’m not going to recommend Bob Diamond’s Tax Sale Blueprint. Don’t settle for less and choose a better business, ‘nuff said.

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