Team National Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Buying clubs are not that unique in the MLM industry. One of them is Paycation Travel, which offers membership to third-party business partners to get discounts on travel bundles and packages. And now, Team National, also one of the buying clubs that offers membership to many things, like vehicles, car rentals, health discount benefit plans, communication and financial services, business savings and more.

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Team National was founded by Dick Loehr in 1997 and is now headed by her daughter Angelica Loehr Chrysler. It is a market savings company that helps each individual to get discounts in every aspect of their daily lives from health benefits plan for yourself, business savings when you plan to start your own business, factory direct items (home/office appliances/furnitures), and even allows them to earn up to 30% commissions from products of private companies. MLM inside an MLM indeed.

“Our product is a membership savings program. Our members use what they want, when they want. It is vast in its savings and of course, is never out of style. Saving money is not a fad. Individuals, families and businesses are always looking for ways to save money.” is their way of explaining how their company works and it is true tho. Who doesn’t want to get the items that they want at a cheaper price right?

Being a member of Team National is not as cheap as you think it is. Their basic membership plan costs $795 that covers your whole household for 2 years of savings. And the premium membership plan that costs a big sum of money amounting to $2,195 is a lifetime plan that also covers your immediate family. So if you’re planning to get someone on board, you better be ready because we’re not just talking about small amounts of money here.

To earn money with Team National is somehow unusual because they don’t really have products to sell, but they sell membership of some well known brands and products to get their respective items at a discounted price. Commissions on membership sales of different brands and products are not known in this aspect until you join the company and they will be the ones to tell you. This is a little bit problematic because how will they encourage one to join if they don’t know how they will earn money?

They also have this Big N Marketplace which is said to have a list of products of different companies. You will be one of those International Marketing Directors and you can have a copy of this website exclusively for you for $7/month and other monthly charges. You can gain from 0-30% commissions when buyers use your website to buy products. Are they for real? Earning 0/none/nil commission? Well that is based on the company they bought the item from, and not because of Team National itself so you can never blame them.

Their compensation plan works at a binary structure. One way for the team to earn money is by catering Team National’s membership plan themselves. They have a point system that states that if you sell a basic membership plan, you will earn 1 point and if it’s the premium one, you will get 3 points. For every 5 points on both legs in a paypoint, you will earn $500 and if it gets up to 10 and 10, you will earn an additional $1000.

You can also earn another $1000 if one of your direct invites also gets 10 and 10 in a paypoint. I don’t know the span of this paypoint they’re talking about but one thing is for sure, it is not a monthly quota like most MLM does and that’s a good thing. And for you to qualify for these commissions, you must make at least 2 sales yearly.

Team National is not a scam. They’re a legit company which is also registered with DSA, DSEF and the US Chamber of Commerce. There’s a lot of big groups up there which is actually good as far as the company’s credibility is concerned. As per joining, it’s up to you. But it is hard to sell memberships that cost thousands of dollars, even if you don’t need to do it monthly. Finding at least 1 person who is interested is already not an easy feat. 

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