Wealthy Leads Crypto Review (Laz Chavez, Richard Telfeja)

Laz Chavez, Richard Telfeja

Wealthy Leads Crypto’s case study video is about to show you three things. One, it’ll make you believe that crypto is the best passive income generator. Two, it’ll teach you how you can start investing in crypto without prior experience, whatsoever. And three, it’ll drop some hints on Laz Chaves and Richard Telfeja’s “secret investing techniques” that’s not available elsewhere. Never smell some BS this early. My thoughts on this are in the review below.

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First of all, no way I’m going to call crypto the best passive income generator. No-uh. It’s the other way around. I mean, it’s the best passive income drainer instead. You do nothing, and you’re still losing value on your crypto coins every day. That’s the usual trend especially during the so-called bear market. Not to mention the high chance of getting scammed in the space which is either your fault (getting phished) or the devs fault (getting rug pulled). And yes, you can completely lose ALL your money here in an instant. 

That’s cryptocurrency for you – highly volatile and full of risks. I’m no killjoy in some crazy adventure yet I’m not down with the thrill of plummeting crypto prices that can go as low as zero. Not for me and usually not for everybody else. However, the brain of the crypto bros and degens are wired differently. Whatever the reason is, whether it’s the cool-sounding blockchain technology, the memes that go with ape-ing, or the (very low) odds of hitting big profits, the number of people willing to gamble their money, even their life savings, on crypto will continuously grow.

That’s why Laz and Richard, then coaches of an Amazon FBA course, are here to milk the opportunity. If suckers are born every minute, so are gurus. They’re no different than the ones I’ve reviewed in crypto before – putting half-assed training at a premium price. And these hype milkers have dropped a hint of what’s to come very early. Less than a minute in their case study video, I spotted a misspelling of the famous cryptocurrency next to Bitcoin which is Ethereum.

Like c’mon, are gurus allergic to paying some attention to details? I dare them, Laz and Richard in particular, to tell me and I’ll send them some of my allergy meds with this review. This behavior of shamelessly selling sh*tty course is unacceptable. Downright criminal when Wealthy Leads Crypto costs $1,997… I didn’t stutter at all, that’s really the price.

To add, what’s with their proof of income? Specifically, the “proof” are some random screenshots of a crypto portfolio, usually a crypto coin with corresponding dollar equivalent at the bottom, and a text saying a lower figure than what is indicated in the screenshot to imply some insane returns. Unironically, the source is just “trust me bro” and I’ll obviously won’t buy that. Give me a video receipt of your method at work with dates and wallet addresses to verify. And do the thang yourself, Laz or Richard, so you’re not doxxing anyone with the wallet reveal, but yourselves. Better than showing some friends and friend of friends screenshots.

Wealthy Leads Crypto Review

A few minutes more in the 15-minute case study, I realized that they’re not really into HODL, but on crypto staking. Here goes another overhyping of a friend’s result: “And he is now making almost $700 every single day with crypto which is frigging insane.” Staking does exist, but it’s not churning out profits as high as “almost $700 every single day.”

If the market is good and green, which is usually not, you’ll get some daily profits on staking, specifically the OHM one, of around ten bucks for 1 OHM (percentage wise, the daily profit is at 1.19%). That figure is not remotely close to $700 and no, y’all stop with the mental gymnastics, “but mah compounding” and the likes, to say otherwise. Not when you backtrack and give some lower figures at the very end (without spilling the risk of losing some). Made me use a calculator for nothing, ugh.

In conclusion, I don’t recommend Wealthy Leads Crypto at all. I’m not willing to pay the steep price especially when the mentors admitted to not knowing the most basic of graphs in crypto. “The graphs are weird stuff, that’s kind of complicated way over my head,” says them. No wonder they f*ck up the simplest of spellings. To cap it off, here’s my final thoughts: If I can’t convince you from doing crypto investment, the least I can do is stop you from buying sh*tty courses with unapologetically dumb mentors like this one. Just don’t.

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