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The Blueprint Training Review

The Blueprint Training Review

Ryan Stewart recalls how he has a lot of opps when he first launched The Blueprint Training. This includes the self-proclaimed SEO industry leaders, the snobby ones who quickly dismissed him as someone who doesn’t represent their audience. Haters be hatin’, that’s what it is.

You see, Ryan here is petty. He seems like the type to hold onto grudges, and rejoice when given a chance to prove his naysayers wrong. Bet he’s on cloud nine these days given how his training generated millions in revenue. As they say, success is the best revenge.

With that said, nobody should be calling him a moron like the haters did before. But if someone still insists, he’s at least a millionaire moron. People also view the opportunity to work with him as an honor now, so take that, snobby SEO industry leaders!

You might be wondering, what makes The Blueprint Training special? Who is this for? Is it worth purchasing? Continue reading this review for our insights.

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The Blueprint Training At A Glance

What Is The Blueprint Training?

The Blueprint Training (Ryan Stewart)

The Blueprint Training is an educational program created by Ryan Stewart that teaches how to build, scale, and eventually sell a SEO marketing agency. The program enable its students to create a productized SEO service for their clients.

Efficiency-wise, you can’t beat a streamlined service like Ryan’s that reliably gets a client’s desired results while also being easy for you, the one offering it, to make and maintain. Just copy-and-paste their templates and SOPs, and you’re gucci. That’s the promise.

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Who Is This For?

On their website, it was mentioned that The Blueprint Training is for anyone whose service is doing SEO. Marketers, agency owners, freelancers, consultants and the likes.

In particular, the instruction was made for people who know a thing or two about SEO, but don’t have the tools, the systems, the frameworks, and the SOPs in place to manage an agency well (or transition into an agency model) and scale it to generate $100k a month.

What’s The Problem With The Old Way?

Simply put, the traditional means of providing a SEO service doesn’t work anymore. The old approach of “doing more” is broken, and not in a good way.

It doesn’t matter if you sacrifice your free time to do more work, clients only see results. They don’t give a damn if you work the hardest, if your service doesn’t get them customers. They don’t care on who’s fulfilling the service, either.

If the client ain’t happy, you simply don’t get handsome money and you don’t get it upfront. Reason you need to work smart, not hard. Which means t’is the time to adapt the new approach to agency building.

What’s Up With The New?

The Blueprint Training (The 5 Pillar Growth Framework)

The new approach that The Blueprint Training recommend and preach is largely based on the 5 pillar growth framework. On the program’s website, the framework is described as an overarching strategy that determines a clear path on how will your agency grow and scale.

The approach also relies on Ryan’s very own SEO Sprint methodology. Loosely put, the methodology is about speed, optimization, and outsourcing menial work.

About Ryan Stewart

As I’ve said earlier, Ryan Stewart is the man behind The Blueprint Training. As an expert on all things SEO, Ryan has over fifteen years of experience and building, scaling, and selling SEO agencies.

Life Before Having An Online Business

Like most of us, Ryan grew tired of the 9 to 5 grind. It started back when he was twenty-four, working a corporate consulting job at Accenture. The year was 2011.

The pay might not be so sucky, but he hated it. He hated the suit, the commute, the sh*tty office, everything. This is what prompted him to scour the internet for ways to make money that isn’t wilting away in an office cubicle.

He came across internet marketing, and at the time, most companies don’t see its value in attracting customers. They’re understandably skeptical since it’s new and seemingly littered with get rich quick schemes.

In contrary, Ryan saw it in a different light. He knows he has the opportunity to strike gold as a pioneer in the space. In his mind, there’s got to be a way to unlock its fullest potential to make money. He’ll do it himself, and he’ll do it early.

His Initiation Into Internet Marketing

Initially, Ryan is enamored by the idea of providing advertising service via Instagram. He saw how his acquaintances jumped ship from Facebook immediately once the platform was live. There are a lot of eyeballs there, and for him, it means an opportunity to get their attention to sell someone else’s business.

He tried to make his business idea on it work, but unfortunately, it was a tough sell back then. When he offered it to businesses, he only received disapproving looks that’s no different to the expression most people give when someone’s talking about some bullsh*t get rich quick schemes.

Times have changed, and social media marketing is a thing now. Turns out, he’s right, and platforms like Instagram can be used for customer acquisition. But it doesn’t matter that time, as being vindicated in the future won’t help him with the bills in the present.

A Faithful Encounter That Completely Changed His Outlook

The Blueprint Training (Webris)

After another unsuccessful attempt to convince a business owner to get on with his Instagram promotion idea, a man who’s in the same coffee shop he’s in during the call overheard the conversation. The man approached him, and tapped his shoulders lightly.

No, Ryan’s zip wasn’t fly. The man was only concerned about his idea of internet marketing, and decided to tell him that there’s an easier way.

This kind stranger dropped some words of wisdom, akin to someone telling the winning lotto numbers. No exaggeration here, as Ryan mentioned himself that his life was literally changed forever at that moment.

Now, what is it about? Well, it’s about how social media is mostly for people who are only looking for cat photos* and the likes. If you want those who are looking to buy something instead, Google is where it’s at.

The stranger proceeded to explain to him what’s SEO— which is, BTW, a shorthand for Search Engine Optimization— and how can one use it to make your website rank on the first page of the search results. Ryan observed and listened as the stranger break down the process, and show his websites.

That’s the start of Ryan’s obsession with SEO. A healthy and fruitful one at that, as he was able to build multiple successful SEO marketing agencies— sold some and still has one right now in Webris.

He was also able to establish authority in the space, which made the commercial success of The Blueprint Training possible, never mind the haters initially.

(*) Author’s Note: According to a recent study— well, I’m being quite generous to call a 2021 study “recent”— cat contents are more popular than dog’s. At least, on Instagram, they tend to post more pussies, including related hashtags about it. Oh, and we’re still talking about ’em furry felines, don’t get distracted.

That’s not my personal bias, it’s just the stats. I’m more of a chicken chic, anyways. If y’all dog lovers got problems with ’em numbers, be the change you wish to see in the world. Let me see more of your labs, your goldens, your chi’s, your wieners! Wait…

(P.S. Our advice is the same for the cat lovers in the US, who is largely a “re-pup-lican” country rather than “demo-cat”… Can’t help to not quote these puns in the study— sorry, not sorry!)

Features Of The Blueprint Training

Video Training Platform

The Blueprint Training (Video Training Platform)

The video training is how a student would primarily learn about Ryan’s SEO sprint methodology and the 5 pillar growth framework. They claim to update the content at least once a year to ensure it remains relevant.


With The Blueprint Training, you’ll get access to a full suite of templates that you can copy and paste for your own agency needs. These are the templates currently used by Ryan himself in his seven-figure SEO agencies.

They have templates for days. They have something for SEO proposal, SEO traffic, technical audit, onboarding, content marketing, keyword research, and many more.

Bootcamps & Ryan’s Working Sessions

Every month, Ryan hosts a live Q & A that’s focused on showing what’s working right now in the SEO space. The topics discussed in these bootcamps are sourced directly from the students. The latter is good to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Guest Expert Workshops

This is similar to bootcamps mentioned above, but led by guest experts instead. It also depends on the availability of these experts, so The Blueprint Training didn’t give a guarantee that it’ll happen regularly.

Exclusive Pro Slack Community

This is what Ryan considers as The Blueprint Training’s “central nerve system”. It’s where he and his team announces updates, posts jobs, and provide one-on-one consulting via DMs.

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Assessing The Worth Of The Blueprint Training

The Price

The Blueprint Training (Cost)

If you’re after annual access, the price of The Blueprint Training is $1,999 a year. Meanwhile, if monthly access is more appealing to you, the subscription cost of The Blueprint Training would be $199 a month instead.

All purchases are considered final and non-refundable, as per their terms and conditions. Their excuse arguing that refunds only allows their clients to become “’one foot in’ the work, and ‘one foot out’ the door” doesn’t make it any better.

The Positives

Here’s the list of pros about the program.

  • Ryan is truly an agency owner, and still is with Webris. He’s the real deal, as legit as it gets, and is generally well-received by SEO peeps.
  • The subscription option to access The Blueprint Training is perfect for those who can breeze through the training materials.
  • The video training is comprehensive, and is regularly updated to account for important algorithm changes.
  • Running a SEO agency is a legitimate business model.

The Negatives

Now, the cons.

  • The cost to access The Blueprint Training is pricier compared to similar SEO programs.
  • They don’t provide refunds.
  • The training content is rather advanced, a negative aspect for beginners looking for an introductory program to get their feet wet.

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If you are in need of SOPs to scale and upgrade your agency, and don’t mind the hefty price tag, then Ryan Stewart’s The Blueprint Training could be a worthy purchase. Ryan is legit, and so is his business model. Do note of the risk that comes with programs that don’t offer refunds.

If you’re a beginner who needs to learn more about SEO, then his The SEO Blueprint book might suit you better. It’s a sneak peek on how he approach SEO, a more in-depth one compared to what you’ll get from their YouTube videos for free.

Alternatively, you can check our way. ‘Cause f*ck settling for just better, you should be on the lookout for what suits you best. Heck yeah, right?

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