The Ballantyne Method Review (Craig Ballantyne)

Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne firmly believes that anyone can create their perfect lives. Anyone, but him maybe as I won’t call him living the “perfect” life with that receding ass hairline of his. Part of his drip, perhaps? I honestly don’t think so, but whatever. I just don’t appreciate him implying that a mindset training like his The Ballantyne Method can easily turn your life around… like magic! That’s not how it works IMO, and I’ll explain why I think so below.

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First off, he gotta slow down with using phrases like “creating perfect lives” and “building an empire”. He’s just setting the bar too high. Sure, it’s not entirely impossible to achieve, but it’s still improbable anyway. Mentors, especially those who only do life coaching, can only do so much.

My point is, Craig’s own experience is not representative of everyone else’s experiences. Good for him that his mentors were able to turn him, a dumb farm boy, into an empire builder. But that doesn’t mean that he as a mentor would auto-magically be able to turn you from bad into something good as well. He’s only a productivity and fitness guru, not a god.

In addition, the scope of Craig’s training is simply not enough to do what he implies. In his own words, becoming an empire builder means having the needed discipline, clarity, and systems to succeed. I’m pretty sure you won’t get the “systems” part just by following his morning routine meticulously. Y’know, getting up around 3:45 am, writing, meditating, walking the doggo, yada yada, repeat.

Here’s the thing. Craig focuses too much on conditioning the mindset, and that alone won’t teach you systems. Even the coupla sales training in The Ballantyne Method won’t teach you that either. You need something that focuses on a particular business model. Lead gen, SMMA, dropshipping, you name it. Anything other than just a mindset training.

Then, it has to be the right system too. Because guess what, not every business model is made equal. Pick something bad, and you’re like bringing only your bare fist in a gunfight. Add a blindfold if you settle with something similar to The Ballantyne Method. If we talkin’ about financial success, his stuff is not the best choice no matter what he says.

To bring the point home, inspiring someone to get their sh*t together is not a reliable way to make them earn seven figures like he promised. Being productive doesn’t mean you’ll become a good business owner. Maybe it would make ya a good 9-5er, but not necessarily an entrepreneur with a winning biz. If you wanna learn how to make money from a biz, this ain’t it.

Just don’t expect anything major from this kind of training, really. We gotta be reasonable with our expectations because not everyone can just do it [not sponsored by Nike BTW]. Especially for ND folks, it’s not as simple and as easy as one-two-three. Again, The Ballantyne Method is not magic and won’t work like magic. Period.

The Ballantyne Method Review

Regardless, here’s the summary of what The Ballantyne Method has to offer. The Ballantyne Method is a 12-week training program for those who are struggling to improve their sales and working hours. Besides the core course module, you’ll also get  access to the following: The Ballantyne Method cheat sheet, group call with Craig’s team during audit, and the 2x Game Plan Blueprint.

In addition, you’ll also get C.A.S.H Profit Activators that includes: The New Client Floodgate Funnel, The 3-Day Cash Machine series, The Hidden Profits referral script, The Magic “Get Paid Your Worth” script, and social media selling system. Then, there’s the advanced training modules for improving your lifestyle, which is Craig’s specialty. It includes The 10 Less Magic Time formula and The Ultimate Guide in High Performance Leadership.

The price of The Ballantyne Method? Well, The Ballantyne Method costs a one time payment of $1,500 or three payments of $525. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of mindset training. I get the appeal, but I wouldn’t really recommend them unless the price is right. In this case, the  price is NOT right for The Ballantyne Method, so issa no for me. Not worth it even with the sales training. Better look elsewhere than settling for some woo-woo, um-kay?

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