The Listings Lab Review (Jess Lenouvel)

Jess Lenouvel has overcome many struggles in life before reaching the most comforting and care-free lifestyle she’s having today while doing the things she’s most passionate about, real estate marketing. Jess is now one of the most respected female real estate coaches in existence, making her life mission to help realtors scale efficiently and create a life of freedom every entrepreneur craves. A thing most of the entrepreneurs are craving for because they’re too busy managing their businesses.

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“Women often feel the pressure to be perfect but don’t ask for help, thinking they can do everything. But we don’t feel supported and get frustrated when we can’t manage, it’s a vicious cycle”, says Jess Lenouvel in one of her interviews in the past. But that’s over and done with, Jess has stood her ground and is now building an ever more strong foundation and a community that helps each and every realtor reach their goals in life.

In her book “Money More, Less Hustle: Becoming the 7-figure Real Estate Agent”, she shared things which old and new realtors can relate to. The book isn’t just one of many that have a list of tools and tactics that may or may not help, it consists of ways on how to realign your goal and strategy development. Remove the idea of being on call 24-hours/day, we are now in an era where the internet and technology will assist you in properly building a real estate business. 

Her course, The Listings Lab also does the same thing, helping 6-figure and low-7-figure agents double their revenue and profits without sacrificing lifestyle or freedom, while creating a big impact. If you believe that real estate agents have a massive opportunity to change lives for the better but in the same way are tired of the old marketing methods which have been established before the introduction of the internet, then this program might help you get through with it.

The Listings Lab offers virtual training courses and mentoring programs to RE agents that cost roughly around $1400. It helps realtors create relationships at scale with their ideal clients. It’s all about finding compatibility and earning trust and relationship with the client, not by sacrificing their personal freedom on the beck and call of others. This will direct to poor leads which in time will make an RE burnt out and less passionate about what they’re doing.

It’s time to spice things up, it’s not like they’re dissing the old-school ways of real estate marketing. They say that making hundreds of calls a day just to have any leads on the business eats up a lot of time, and that’s true. You can do many things compared to doing calls all day when all are in proper order, and their program does just that. It allows them to build an audience of people who actually value them and what they have to offer.

The course runs for 12 weeks and it starts by addressing the most common problem of people working in the RE industry. Most of them get lost working in the business rather than working on the business. To clarify that, leads are the most important thing in this type of industry, and most of them are not available on a silver platter. RE agents walk aimlessly and eventually will land on a bad lead, then giving bad results, as I stated earlier. 

If it’s online marketing, then there’s nothing new about it. Creating blog posts, contents about the program, posting it on social media like Facebook and Instagram. What makes people successful by doing these things is what Jess teaches. “To start sharing your experiences, career advice and personal life.” These people will find you approachable and trustworthy, a little less different than most realtors who are into pushing properties to clients.  

The Listings Lab program created by Jess Lenouvel is one of many real estate programs out there that somehow helped thousands of people pave their own way in the real estate marketing industry. Being not able to please everyone, some are not satisfied with their results after enrolling into the program. Real estate types of courses rely mostly on compatibility and the amount of effort you’re willing to put in understanding one of them.

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