The 2% Theory Review (Anna Macko)

Anna Macko

Anna Macko, creator of The 2% Theory, is ranting about “insecure and miserable” people that don’t wanna see anyone winning but themselves. “Those are rudest, most entitled jerks in the world,” she blurted out. She didn’t explicitly say this, but it’s probably a dig to the haters of her course. This might sound bad, but I think she deserve all of it. Scroll below to know why it’s recommended to avoid this self-proclaimed crypto queen and her courses.

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Calling herself as a Crypto Queen is not a good start already. Quite frankly, she doesn’t look like she’s teaching crypto trading at all. Instead, she’s looks like a typical Karen leading one of those “girl boss” MLM cults. I mean, she already got the toxic mindset of calling any negative feedback as hate and defamatory statements.

Before I get carried away on pointing everything wrong about her alone, let’s talk about her The 2% Theory course first. The main gist of this is to leverage the power of compounding. Let’s say you’ve won a thousand racks from a winning trade. Instead of cashing everything out, you left 2% of your winnings for your next trade.

The course curriculum is full of topics that you can learn for free. Some are unnecessary and just hyping up crypto trading again. Like girl, there’s no need to waste your students time on that sh*t. They already bought the course because they want to trade crypto tokens, so stop saying something that should remain in the sales pitch.

Majority of the online programs used here for trading are also not available in the US. It’s quite lazy to not change that to something accessible as a chunk of the course’s students are from US. Another waste of time is the module teaching how to use VPN for such.

In summary, what she’ll teach here is littered with non-technical crap. It’s not reasonable as it’s a crypto trading course, not a mindset training nor a Sunday service.

The course also includes trading signals from Anna herself. It’s quite useless as Anna doesn’t seem to trade that much. There are months when there’s not a single signal at all. The most ironic part of this is you’re supposed to make daily trades (365 trades) to make $1k to $1 million in a year. Imagine doing all that work only for your mentor to not do the same.

If she does trade, it’s usually an epic failure. And it’ll be entirely your fault when you follow her very own advice, according to her. Funny enough, what she said could be partly true since following an unlicensed trader is a grave mistake. Not getting what I mean? Well, Anna has no license as a trader to sell any trading courses at all.

Any redeeming qualities, whatsoever? Nada. Even the customer support is terrible AF, it’s almost non-existent. Even trying to bait a reply from her by pretending to be interested in her $14,999 one-on-one coaching is not working. Nothing but silence and crickets.

The 2% Theory Review

Allegedly, it’s just Anna pulling all the strings behind. A (once in a blue moon) reply from her “assistant” Zoey Rogers is already bad. But when it’s just actually her saying those things behind a different name is worse. It’s on “Kevin Durant talking sh*t on a burner account” levels of bad. And oh, she’s doing a lot of “pretending” outside her course’s group too.

She only responds when her reputation and sales is on the line, not when her students are asking for help. Something they paid Anna for. Prepare for lawsuits from her too when you’re just giving a fair and honest review.

To top it off, the course is priced at a whopping $4,997. The audacity of Anna to pump the prices, the previous one at $1,997 is already overpriced AF. In fact, I’ll charge her instead if I need to sit through an absolute mess of a course.

Obviously, I’ll recommend you to stay TF away from her course. The 2% Theory is nothing but a scam and a quick cash grab for Anna. It’s not different from her more obvious expensive hack jobs like the $100/day course and her one-on-one coaching. Imagine paying a thousand bucks for a 60-minute talking in circles video that’ll only lead you to her affiliate link. How about paying fifteen grand for a convo in trading with an unlicensed trader? No need to imagine as Anna is doing it all.

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