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The Reel Agents Review (Travis Plumb, Levi Lascsak)

Levi Lascsak has been entitled as “The Youtube King” by Glennda Baker, who is supposedly known as the “Tik-tok Queen”. Well, I haven’t heard both of their names before. Apparently, Levi has made 22 million dollars in volume from his youtube channel during his first 8 months, that’s why he has earned himself the title. How did he do it? Learn more about him and their program in my review below.

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Levi has a successful career as a financial consultant before the pandemic hits. Most of his contracts are from schools and state colleges, so when they shut down during the pandemic, his business went to zero overnight. He shared that he has experiences in real estate investing. When he asked for advice from his successful friends in the industry, they’re all about cold calling, flooding facebook with ads and stuff which he hates doing.

Travis on the other hand is a newly licensed agent before they started working together. He has done marketing and advertising for more than 4 years. He has run a very successful company in the said industry, and helping brokers and mortgage companies grow all over the country is his focus during those 4 years. There’s the absolute duo in front of you, so what better collaboration can you ask for? 

They picked up a copy of Youtube Secrets handbook and began starting their business as brand new real estate agents together. Their first youtube channel “Living in Dallas Texas”  is where they discuss place’s housing information and doing neighborhood tours. Even if you see it as lackluster, having a hundred to a thousand views, their videos have created massive traffic and converted most of their viewers into clients to his real estate business.

That’s why they made a second youtube channel, The Reel Agents: Youtube for Real Estate. After more than a hundred days, their channel analysis listed more than 105k total views, 11 hours of viewing time, over 1.4k subscribers and an estimated revenue of only $76. But don’t feel down too easily, they may not be earning much from their youtube videos, but they’re earning real clients needing their real estate services.

That’s how they made over 25 million dollars in production, dealing with over 50 transactions in less than a year. “If you treat youtube like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. If you treat it like a business, it will pay you like a business”, Levi explains in one of his interviews on how he got those numbers. That’s what they’ll teach and many other ways on how to become successful real estate agents just by using youtube alone.

“Many have done and copied our style but none of them seemed to prosper, why?”, Levi asked. “That’s because they’re making the wrong type of content. There is what we call intent-based marketing, where you’ll try to know the exact person you’re trying to reach and just put the information right in front of them. That’s related to search-based marketing, and people use google and youtube to search for something everyday so if you have the right content, then you’ll be known in no time”, he explained.

The tools that they have and will be shared through their program are all user-friendly, meaning whether you’re new (like them when they started things), you’ll eventually be successful as long as you exert time and effort into doing what you love. Travis shared an experience where being an advertising expert, he has spent thousands if not millions of dollars in advertisements but now, they found a 100% free, organic way of finding leads. 

“The quality of youtube leads is unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before”, Travis exclaimed. The program includes proven SEO and optimization tools, secret content research and  creation strategies, videos that teach you how to properly make video flow and sequence and many more together with the cost of the program that can be discussed over the phone or a video call. You can book your reservation on their website

If you still need numbers, according to the income data of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in 2020, agents with 2 years or less experience have an average annual income of $8,500. But during Levi and Travis’ first 100 days of doing video content as real estate agents, they already made $100k in volume. A lot of factors can affect these numbers, but as you can see, results speak for themselves.

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