Insurance Advertising Masters Review (Justin Thomas)

Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas introduces himself as someone who teaches insurance agents how to use digital advertising. What for, it’s to create an endless stream of qualified people to talk to. In other words, it’s lead generation for insurance agents. Justin encourages agents to learn it themselves, so they don’t rely on “evil lead companies” and stop chasing uninterested prospects for good. He’ll spill it all on Insurance Advertising Masters that I’ll review down below.

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First of all, I can’t help but mention how dude seems to have bad blood with other lead gen companies. Like damn, what did they do to Justin for him to call ‘em evil? Could be an overreaction from getting lotta sh*tty leads, could be completely uncalled for, I really don’t know.

But from the sound of it, it seems like the said lead company poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered plague upon our houses. Half-kidding aside, I get the point he’s trying to convey. The point being it’s better for agents to know how to generate leads themselves  instead of buying it.

And I agree, you can’t go wrong with lead generation. It’s a business in itself, and doing it for someone else can be an agent’s safety net when they can’t sell life and health insurances. Because no matter how good you are in sales, there will be times where you can’t sell enough. What they say, it happens to the best of us.

The question is, is Justin’s methods different from his so-called “evil lead companies” or nah? I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t any better as lot of gurus like him love to talk sh*t while being sh*tty themselves. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, right? Not really his fault why I’m thinking like this, it’s just me being a doomer having reviewed lots of garbo mentors recently.

Of course, there’s no better way to judge Justin other than to check out his Insurance Advertising Masters . From the program’s website, t’was described as a dual funnel system that’s able to generate twenty to thirty qualified, exclusive appointments for life/health insurance per week. 

Take note of ‘em adjectives and labels, um-kay. The dual funnel system here refers to two sales funnels combined into one that generates leads via Facebook ads and YouTube ads. Meanwhile, qualified, exclusive appointments are leads you’re not sharing with anyone else [sometimes you gotta be selfish, y’know], are genuinely interested in your insurance offer, and have the means to buy it.

Also, Justin mentions in a free webinar slash sales pitch that the strategy in Insurance Advertising Masters is completely off most agent’s radar. “They don’t even know it exists,” says him. It’s not buying leads, cold calling, cold emailing, referrals, talking to your friends and fam, or anything like that. Then, what is it?

Oh right, it’s the dual funnel system I already mentioned earlier. I am whelmed to say the least. But then, Justin continues to brag how his sales funnel is not your typical sales funnel… “Not by a long shot,” he exclaims. 

And you know what, he continues to drag the pitch with all these talks about how his thang is different, how it brings success to even the most average agents yada yada… without him actually showing that it is indeed different and average person friendly. Yawn.

Insurance Advertising Masters Review

Turns out, the strategy involves creating a personalized video sales letter, and lots of back door building of your site, funnels, and links. A particular student I’ve seen somewhere on the web warns how this requires sh*tton of work. Which, by the way, shouldn’t be a problem at all if the one who sold the program didn’t tell it’d be easy-peasy. But the salesperson did. Fella is desperate to make a sale, I guess.

In reality, this was not for the average person after all as Justin promised. To be fair, he’s not a sh*tty mentor overall. The same student I mentioned above commended Justin for being a good dude who genuinely wants to help his students succeed. Personally, I don’t see Justin as an arrogant douche either. His over-the-top pitch could use some work, though.

Regardless, the main problem here is his Insurance Advertising Masters. The initial cost of investment is steep (price of Insurance Advertising Masters is $7,800), the cost to run to biz is also steep, and it’s such a pain to keep up with the ever changing Facebook ads algorithm. Lead gen is legit, but there are better ways to do it. This ain’t it.

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