TikTok With Billy Reviews

Tiktok With Billy

TikTok With Billy, they say, but who’s Billy? Well, it’s none other than the “geneius” marketer Billy Gene. T’is the guy who suggested the use of Facebook ads to earn money online, and now he’ll do the same with Tiktok and its ads. In a video posted on his own TikTok account, Billy urges everyone to learn how to make money from social media since saving up would never be enough for the so-called American dream. Scroll below for the full scoop.

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TikTok ain’t new for the kiddos, but he says that adults are finally starting to use it now too. Being THE marketing guy himself (a reference to his Billy Gene is Marketing company), he’s there where the buyers are. And TikTok is where they at now, says him, since these adults are most likely buyers too. Obviously, dude’s already on the app or the course name’s TikTok With Billy (the actual being Billy Gene’s TikTok Challenge BTW) won’t make any sense.

10k in 10 weeks, that’s the figure he dropped as his challenge to himself. Means he’ll get 10k TikTok followers and would try to turn ‘em into his new customers in just 10 weeks. He’s all gucci with the followers count, got 26.3k already at the time of writing this review, but I’m not so sure about any of ‘em being his customer. Hence, I’ll be the one to judge whether I’ll become one of his new customers myself.

A quick disclaimer for anyone who might’ve heard only bad things regarding TikTok as a platform. I know some of y’all might be surprised about the fact that the app is not only for twerking, pranking, or cringe content in general. There’s some good sh*t out there, I can personally attest to that. And as Billy says himself, he’s going to do this “like an adult”. No dancin’, no prankin’, no thirst trappin’, and definitely no car thievin’ like one of those sh*tty TikTok challenges suggest.

So, what’s in store for you in TikTok With Billy? Three things, says Billy. One, you’ll have access to some of the most famous TikTokers in the world. The “best” and “most influential” ones, says him, yet he won’t reveal any of their names… Signs of cappin’, I fear. If I were him, it’s either I won’t mention this at all or at least, I’ll go easy with ‘em adjectives. He won’t because his “geneius” is just a brand, not a testament to who he really is. Whoops.

Moving on, the second thing you’ll get here is access to a private Facebook community with recorded lives if you’ve ever missed attending one. And yes, he didn’t put it in his “what’s in it for you” list, don’t ask me why, but there’s a Zoom broadcast every Monday after purchasing the course.

For inclusion number three, it’s having access to his marketing “style” that you can use to “seriously grow your business”. Knowing him and his corny MLMer sounding ass, I’ll say no f*cking thanks. Not a fan of his marketing copy either where you occasionally have to read between the lines. That’s what I actually did for this third inclusion, pffft. C’mon Billy, you’re no Shakespeare. Just drop it.

Tiktok With Billy  Reviews

At the very end of the website, you’ll see this rather passive aggressive statement of him: “If you’re looking for free you can kick rocks with no shoe.” Dude got no chill fosho, but at the end of the day, it only meant that his course is not a free one. That being said, the price of Tiktok With Billy is $33.

Cheap, but expect some pricier upsells once you’re on the other side. I mean, the sales page for the course already has one, All Access Pass, at $69. Having upsells this early is not nice (despite the price, heh) at all. Heck, I won’t be willing to pay for any since I can learn the same for free, and without Billy as the mentor too whose humor is not my cuppa tea. Don’t know if you can even call being a loud mouth with zero substance as “humor”. And his style, I will NEVER not like MLMers typa sh*t. Sorry, NOT sorry.

Safe to say that I won’t be one of his customers myself, and of course, I’ll suggest for y’all to not become one as well. And it’s not only because I don’t like his mojo, it’s also because he and his company are shady too. Shady as in they’re known for misleading refund policies and fraudulent card charges. Just nope!

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