Reviewing Tim Han’s Net Worth

Tim Han

Tim Han describes himself as a “world-renowned human behavior expert, author, entrepreneur and international speaker.” And oh, he’s also the founder of Success Insider, another “world leading” expert in mindset transformation and personal growth. Quite frankly, I don’t buy the global fame nor the world class expertise that he’s claiming. No offense, but who TF even are you? I guess we’ll find out, including Tim Han’s net worth, in the review below.

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Unsurprisingly, Tim is more discernible as a life coach, the less science-y term for human behavior expert he’s writing everywhere, and as a founder of, guess what, a life coaching program. The other titles he described himself are just extras, something that he did one or two times so he can technically use it as his labels. Y’know, the same reason people are obsessed with dangling their Atty. and PHD titles on their names. The stark difference, however, is Tim doesn’t deserve it unlike those who spent years grinding their degrees.

He only had one (very easy to miss) book, so I won’t call him a world-renowned author myself. Worse, it’s just part biography of him, part simplistic tips (like recommending drinking water regularly, pfft) to start stopping your limiting toxic beliefs, and part sales pitch to his flagship life coaching program named Life Mastery Achievers or LMA for short. His stint as an international speaker is such a mystery too, can’t find any mildly known event where he publicly speaks, unless you count his own program as a speaking event… I won’t, so I can’t call him a legit international speaker either.

With that being said, the majority of his net worth is dependent on his profit from selling LMA. I mean, the only income generating jobs he mentioned on his site is scrubbing toilets and an “opportunity” in a health supplement company. The first one is his job before he became the life coach he is today, the highlight of his dark-ish back story that every sifu has, as usual. The latter is probably just him twisting his words  and overstating some deets to make it look like he’s the CEO or something. He’s likely not, especially not involved in a big deal type of way, or else he’ll be writing his previous title on his bio like a madman.

He didn’t and no one (but him) has a clue on whatever the heck it is since he didn’t list the said company down on his LinkedIn account. Didn’t make sense at all for Mister take (or fake) all ya titles Tim. Hell, I could even wear a tin foil hat here, go full conspiratard, and say that there’s a remote possibility that the said company he’s talking about is just a scummy MLM slash placebo-peddling program. Y’know, the type of common “health” scams FTC warned everyone about which is just as bad as faking the whole thing. Thoughts?

Reviewing Tim Han’s Net Worth

Anyway, let’s shed some light about the only no nonsense source of Tim’s income which is LMA. As previewed in his one and only book, LMA is mainly about eliminating your biggest limiting toxic beliefs. Aside from the usual course training that’s good for six weeks, you’ll also get the following: lifetime membership to the LMA Online Support and Accountability group, lifetime access to the Unstoppable Mindset Daily Ritual system, access to LMA Methodology Cheat sheets, and access to join LMA livestream. Enrollees take all for paying LMA’s price of $2,497 one time payment or six $497 per month installment.

I wouldn’t sign up for the course personally. Neither should you if you’re looking at this as a way to start a biz or a replacement for a psychiatrist visit. Well, it’s not that bad if you’re into some mind wanking stuff and a “nice” mentor, but that’s about it. TBH, I should’ve not mentioned paying a premium to someone being nice and respectful since that should be a given attitude. It’s just I’ve reviewed a lot of sh*tty and rude mentors that doing the bare f*cking minimum seems like worth a medal. Wait a second while I pick the bar off the floor and set my standards higher.

However, quite a bunch are just like me who need to not settle for less. I’m talking about lots of people, thousands of them, who have already fallen for Tim’s pitch hook, line, and sinker,and signed up for LMA. Given that he has around 5.8k LMA members who paid for the course, we do some arithmetic magic while taking into account the additional monies from the LMA live event (World Class Achievers Retreat) minus the expense.  With that being said, my conservative estimate of Tim Han’s net worth would be around $3.5 million. Impressive numbers for selling a service that I’ll personally get from a self-help book. Just wow.

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