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There’s something so fun about watching lose their fucking minds on court. Sometimes, they just need a way to release all of their annoyance and disappointment at how a teammate fumbled of their plays. They could easily swallow their anger for a bit before they find a way to let it out without having to resort to violence. That’s why there are some places where you can throw a bunch shit to a wall to vent your anger and frustration. I’ve tried it before and it really worked for me. I had so much pent up rage that I had to let out.

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Unfortunately for athletes, it’s hard to let out your rage without in front of hundreds of people. They’re still playing a game. But sometimes they can’t stop themselves. They just have to let it out somehow. And more often than not, it’s going to be targeted towards another. The worse part of it is that their altercation is on tape. And people can watch again and again and again. With platforms like YouTube, it’s really easy to keep something on the internet forever.

Now, you already know by now that I’m not really familiar with a lot of baseball players. Sure. There are baseball players you just know by how prevalent their names are in pop culture like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. But the line stops there. I feel like baseball fans are really the ones who have encyclopedic knowledge of every single player that’s been part of major league baseball. I guess sports journalist also need to know most of the players at any given time. But people who haven’t seen baseball wouldn’t know most of them even if they tried.

Tim Belcher was somebody who played in major league baseball from the years 1987 to 2000. There isn’t really much I could find regarding his personal life. It’s common for a lot of baseball players to not have their whole history available for people to read online. He was born in Mount Gilead, Ohio in 1961. His career in sports sort of started in high school, like most athletes do. Aside from baseball, he played basketball Highland High School.

In an interview he did long after he retired, he mentions that his coach Jim Schoch had a great influence on Tim. He graduated from Highland in 1980. He went to college ay Mount Vernon Nazarene College. After that, he played in minor league baseball for four years. He actually was first pick at the major league draft. But didn’t go through with it. His career in major league baseball started when got signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers. He spent four seasons with the team before being traded to the Cincinnati Reds.

The next few years were sort of interesting. He didn’t spend a long time with the Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers and Seattle Mariners. Somehow the Reds traded him to the White Sox just around the trading deadline. He became a free agent which lead him to join the Tigers. Unfortunately, the players had a strike so he didn’t really spend much time with the team. He actually returned to the Reds in 1995 but was then traded in May to the Mariners.

He spent three season with the Kansa City Royals. In 1999, Tim got into a fight during his time with the Anaheim Angels. The short of it is that he said something racist to Chan Ho Park in the field which led to Chan to kick that led to the brawl. In 2000, he retired from playing professional baseball. It’s interesting to see when athletes decide to retire. Because, the latter part of Tim Belcher’s career involved the brawl. But a reason that an athlete retires is that they couldn’t really handle the game anymore due to the injuries they had in their career.

Tim didn’t really leave baseball behind. A few years after retirement, he became a special assistant to baseball operations for the Cleveland Indians. He also served as pitching coach during the 2010 and 2011 seasons. At that point, his net worth had reach, $4,000,000. There doesn’t seem to be any news regarding his current life. He’s happily retired, it seems.

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