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Tina J. Kang began to delve into network marketing during her college days. She started her business while she was staying in her dorm room, but sooner grew it into a million-dollar organization when she reached 27 years of age. And she claims she’s able to do it without bothering her friends or family, without spending on paid ads, and without even spamming on social media. How did she do it? She’s ready to teach you that. That’s why she co-founded Networker, Inc. to teach other MLMers how to attract high-quality leads online, the same way as she did. Is she speaking the truth? Let’s find out in this Tina J. Kang review.

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Tina then tells her story in her video advertisement. “Just a few short years ago, I couldn’t recruit a single person [into my MLM company] if my life depended on it. It’s true. I was 26 at the time, and after six years in the business, I could count the number of people I had sponsored on one hand. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t make money in network marketing; even though I was working day and night and doing everything my upline told me to do.”

What she did was do 10 cold outreaches per day, nonstop posting to social media, Zoom calls with top earners, and more. And she’s still not getting any results. Even when her sponsor told her to do more of the same, it was still not working. She was very close to giving up on network marketing because of this. That is, until she stumbled upon what is called a “sleeping giant” and found the single most bankable source of leads online today. She described it as “a dead-simple, hidden-in-plain-sight strategy that requires no cold calling, no attending meetings, no rejection, and absolutely no selling.”

And since then, her networking business has taken a much better turn. Instead of having to chase those customers for sales, the customers are now actually reaching out to her to ask about her products and business. The result of this? It’s not just her that’s reaping the huge benefits of this strategy, but her team as well. The revenue is constantly pouring in. Money flooded into her bank account, she claims. And in just four months, she had made a quarter-million dollars, cementing her financial freedom status, and bringing her out of the rat race for good.

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Even better, she’s constantly getting new recruits to her business (hence, even more downlines), and they’re signing up with no annoying questions, no objections, no hemming and hawing. Tina still can’t believe that it was fast and easy like that. She even thought that it was a fluke. But she then taught her system to some of her downlines, and it worked equally well for them as well, much to her amazement. It was then that she realized, she may be on to something. Something big. Basically, if it worked for her, and it worked for her downlines, perhaps it could also work for everyone? And so she decided to take action.

So what’s her strategy, then? According to her video advertisement, Tina says it’s got something to do with putting your message in front of people on Google who are already searching for a solution to a problem that your opportunity solves. Your company doesn’t matter. You could sell essential oils, weight loss supplements, skincare products, eye makeup, legal help, forex training. Doesn’t matter. All you do is pay Google to get in front of those people, direct them to a short video that screens, tells, and sells, then have the best of the best schedule a call with you (At this, I guess you can say that Tina was lying as she promised no ads, no selling, and no rejection.) Tina claims it’s that simple. You put $500 in, get $1,000 out. Just keep doubling your money, says Tina.

But are you going to believe this? No matter what anyone says, network marketing is simply one of the business models that I can’t recommend to anyone at all. It relies too much on deceiving your downlines into thinking that you’re going to get rich by selling some health supplements or anything that isn’t even approved by a medical authority. And who in their right mind would suggest selling your personal belongings just so you can join the company, with a promise that you’ll get them back more than double once you’re earning here? But if you insist, you can book a free strategy call with Tina’s team. At the end of the call, they’ll try to sell you their Networker Pros done-for-you service which can cost around $5,000 to $10,000. But again, don’t even bother. It’s going to be just a waste of your time and money.

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