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Todd Toback owns a successful real estate wholesaling business in San Diego, California. But unlike any other wholesaling business around, they’re earning around a million dollars in real estate wholesaling deals per year, and are considered to be one of the more competitive real estate wholesalers in the country. What’s even more amazing is that they can do it even with just five employees. How does he do it? He has this proven system that you can learn to help you close your deals with just about any real estate. Sounds interesting, right? Well, let’s proceed to this Todd Toback review to see if this is also good for you.

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Upon entering the product website, you’ll be greeted with a video on which Todd Toback himself will explain how his program works. He explains their success in closing real estate deals, and how they’re able to do it even when they’re not the highest builder. The problem with most people not being able to close their deals, is not about the price not being high enough to meet the criteria of the seller. It’s because you’re not using ultra-effective strategies for building rapport and influence with sellers.

And with the real estate industry being a very competitive and saturated industry right now, this is very important, and something that any real estate business to develop, he explains. Without a good sales system, you’ll have to resort to some marketing effort (worse, with paid ads), tons of cold-calling, overpaying for deals, and other stuff that, in the end, won’t even help you make sales and will only just waste your time. Todd Toback then offers a solution: His No Limits Sales System training program.

Todd’s No Limits Sales System consists of 5 lessons, which correspond to the five principles one needs to learn in order for them to be an effective closer. As if that isn’t enough, it also contains downloadable scripts that you can use to help you in closing your sales, plus live Q&A calls from various coaches and other bonuses. The No Limit Sales System costs around $1,500. And if these aren’t enough for you, you can also join Todd’s Next Level Wholesaling program, where you’ll be given an opportunity to be coached by Todd Toback himself. It’s not really shown how much it’s going to cost, as it’s usually offered as an upsell. But we can expect that it’s going to be very expensive.

The training itself seems to be legitimate. As for Todd Toback himself, there’s really nothing much that you can say about him. He seems to be pretty cool, a family guy, and he does know a lot about the subject matter this course discusses. But does it also mean that this course is a worthwhile investment for everyone? Not really.

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The biggest reason is that the real estate industry, as previously mentioned, is a tough issue to get into today. It’s not even helping that the current COVID-19 pandemic is only making things worse for real estate. It is going to be a bit easy to find sellers, even motivated sellers, of their property. But when it comes to real estate buyers, it’s going to be an entirely different story. Even if you learn all the skills that you can learn from this program, it’s still not a guaranteed method for allowing you to close any real estate deal, especially since most people, when they’re going to sell their property, would always prefer the highest bidder. And even if you manage to close a deal, you’ll still need a huge amount of money in order to make this wholesaling business sustainable.

Overall, Todd Toback’s training program is still good in most ways. It may help you learn a new skill in closing sales, that you can use in the future. But keep in mind that investing in real estate is not as straightforward as you may believe. It will take a great deal of time, effort, money, and talent. You aren’t simply purchasing a home and doing whatever you want with it. Your main objective is to make a sale. That is to say, what you are doing should be appealing to others. And even so, getting a sale in real estate is quite difficult during these times. It’s actually a lot better to build and invest in an online business centered around something like digital real estate instead.

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