Business Mastery Virtual Review (Tony Robbins)

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins claims that he’ll show some breathtaking insights on his Business Mastery Virtual program. And it’s not just him, you’ll also hear some more from other world-class speakers and top entrepreneurs that he invited to the 5-day program. His promise is rather simple: If you don’t think his program is worth a million dollar minimum in either savings or revenue in the next two to three years, he’ll give you a refund. Read the review below to know if Tony can really walk the talk on this one.

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Business Mastery is said to be different from the typical Zoom seminars that you play in the background. None of those zzz’s inducing talks, this is all about immersion and action-packed live sessions. The type of event that can inspire you to become a better entrepreneur, business executive, or business owner. I believe this myself since I know how Tony can turn up the notch in terms of crazy immersion on his offline events. Y’know, “walking barefoot on burning coals” type of crazy.

Speaking of crazy, let’s talk about the madman behind this program in Tony Robbins. He seems to down too much Irish coffee with the way he speaks. And just like your typical coffee, he’s a 3-in-1 fella – a bestselling author, world-renowned speaker, and respected businessman. 

As an author, his famous works include books on personal finance like Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom and mindset training like Awaken the Giant Within. FYI, some of the concepts taught on his live events are lifted from these books.

As a speaker, he’s originally known for immersive offline events. Due to the ‘rona, he adopted a virtual approach instead. Still, the goal of bringing an immersive experience remains the same. And it seems to be a mission success for Tony as the hype and emotion from the said participants are pouring out of the screen.

As a businessman, he claims to have partnered with over 70 companies with combined annual sales of $6 billion. Among his titles are “CEO Whisperer” by Fortune Magazine and one of the “Top 6 Advisors to Help Clients Take Their Business to the Next Level” by American Express.

Sounds good, am I right? Too bad that Tony is far from being Mister Goody Two-Shoes. Don’t be fooled by the said accolades, just read my review on his other program to know how shady he is. As a summary, man has legit A+ talent in speaking, but got an F- as a grade for his character.

Looking past Tony, let’s also talk about what Business Mastery Virtual got in the bag. The program promises to help you get better at business, but the chunk of the talks here are all about conditioning your mindset. For Tony, that’s the most important thing that you have to get right to grow your business. The following quote by Tony encapsulates the importance he gives on manifesting your desired progress to reality:

“You’re not the manager of your circumstances, you’re the creator of your life. You create it all. It starts with your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions that lead to the actions. And why you want it is one million more important than how.”

Business Mastery Virtual Review

For the program inclusion, here’s what you’ll get after purchasing: 5-day live with Tony, 6 online training sessions, 5 module training series (recorded and do-at-your-own-pace training), Time Of Your Life Audio Program, six 30-minute coaching sessions, GAA Tax Assessment, and access to Business Mastery Breakthrough community. The cost of Business Mastery Virtual that includes all of these? Well, the price of Business Mastery Virtual is $10,000 USD.

For the price alone, I won’t recommend Business Mastery Virtual. It’s too pricey for a program that offers more of a mindset conditioning rather than a business model with actionable steps.  Personally, I wouldn’t give a single cent towards shady Tony too. Sure, one can say that he’s innocent until proven guilty on some of the allegations thrown at him. But he’s still full of sh*t, regardless. 

As an example of his sh*t, take the delayed refunds on canceled offline events due to ‘rona for example. Sure, the payment was done through a separate entity called Success Resources. But still, he must do better for a guy who’s announcing to the whole world that he’ll give a refund back to unsatisfied customers. Where’s that energy on acknowledging the people, mostly Aussies, who paid thousands of dollars, but didn’t receive any training from him at all? Can’t give his partners in Success Resources a nudge so they stop acting like criminals once and for all? I won’t be surprised if Tony ROBbins turns out to be an accomplice for withholding these refunds. Sorry, not sorry.

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