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Tonya Banks Net Worth

Becoming a celebrity of any magnitude can be a difficult thing. For the most part, you have to be known in order to become a celebrity. There are multiple ways for people nowadays to become relatively famous. The internet is the most obvious way. All you really need is a camera and an internet connection. But becoming famous through the internet requires dedication because you need to get an audience to view your work. It involves a bit of knowledge about how metrics work. And you need to utilize any kind of platform you’re on in order to get people to notice you.

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Television is still a more common way that people attain some level of fame. Television and, to a certain extent, streaming services are fairly easy to get into. A lot of people still watch TV shows whether on an actual TV or through laptop or smartphone. With so many shows of different genres available, you are bound to find a TV show to get hooked on. That leads you to feel emotionally involved in the thing that you’re watching, including the people in that show.

Sometimes people will remember certain actors by the character that they played on TV. That’s just a fairly common thing. It’s easier to remember them by their character’s names because you don’t see the credits show who exactly played that character. That’s not the case with reality shows. With reality shows, you’re showing your self to millions of people. Granted, reality shows are often edited in a way that would elicit drama. That’s why people are often hooked on reality shows. One person who became well known on her stint on reality TV is Tonya Banks.

Now, I don’t really know much about Tonya Banks. I haven’t really seen the reality TV series that she was in. But from what I have seen of Little Women: LA, it’s basically just your standard reality show. Imagine if Real Housewives mainly starred people who were born with dwarfism. That’s what Little Women: LA is. If you have ever seen any kind of reality show, you kind of know how it goes.

Prior to her being part of the ensemble of Little Women: LA, Tonya was working as actor and stuntperson in a bunch of different television shows and films. For the most, it was mainly guest roles. Some of them seem to be characters where the defining thing is her being a little person. That’s really the only thing that most little people who work in the industry, especially in Hollywood, often get to do. It’s hard to get steady jobs because people aren’t really writing that many roles for people like her.

Still, that didn’t really stop her. She managed to get work. It wasn’t until the 2015 film The Internship Games that she had a slightly major role. I managed to find the full film on YouTube. But she doesn’t really appear in the film until an hour and 16 minutes into it. She has lines throughout the film, because she plays the boss of the airline company that has these internship games. I guess they consider her role one of the lead roles?

The film that she was in premiered around the time that Little Women: LA started airing on Lifetime. The entire series ran from 2014–2019. And Tonya appeared in all eight seasons of the series. Reality shows have a shorter turn-around compared to scripted dramas or comedies because there isn’t really that much set building and all the other usual pre-production stuff. Still, eight seasons of anything is still a feat of its own.

Her appearances on Little Women: LA factor a lot of her net worth. It’s not really a lot, if you think about it. But a net worth of $800,000 is still a big deal. After the series wrapped, Tonya got into selling her own line of activewear. She’s also written a memoir. And she also sells cinnamon spread. The thing about fame is it’s kind of fleeting. Not everyone gets steady work after a project that they spent years on has ended. It commonly happens with a lot of lesser known reality shows. Devoted fans will recognize you. But those who have only seen a few episodes will vaguely know who that person is.

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