Tooturnttony Net Worth

Hot people don’t have to do much to be popular. They’re hot. They’ll get by. When you’re a person who a lot of people find attractive, you will attract attention from them. That’s why models exist, for the most part. They have the face and the body that fashion houses look for when they want people to walk down the runway. If you’re hot, you’ll likely get a job in a lot of places looking for good-looking people. But what if you suddenly became a popular content creator? Well, that’s what happened to Tooturnttony. And this is why he has the net worth that he has now.

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There’s actually not a lot of information about Tooturnttony that I could find online. He doesn’t really put out his full name out there. People just know him by his online persona. Does it really matter if nobody, except his friends and family, really knows what his real name is? Well, it took a bit of effort to find out. But I somehow managed to learn that his name is Anthony Davis.

So how exactly did Tooturnttony get to where he is professionally? Well, it had to do with the pandemic. When news hit that the U.S. would go into lockdown to curb cases for the virus, Tony decided to fly from New York to Michigan, where his parents currently live. He was already posting videos on his TikTok account since the start of 2020, most of which basically informed what the rest of his feed will be like to this day. The first video that’s public is him FaceTiming his grandmother, more affectively known as Nonnie. The second is a video of him in a car holding a duck, reading to it a handstitched quote. At first glance, it just seemed like some random guy doing funny videos online. Some included his family, while other feature him and his friends getting turnt. Who would’ve though he’d get 16 million followers from all of this?

Like I mentioned earlier in this piece, being hot has its advantages, especially in social media. If people find you attractive, people will follow your accounts to see you be hot. Tooturnttony somehow manages to be hot and also have great comedic timing. In just two years of posting content online, he has managed to earn a net worth of at least $100,000. That may not seem a lot, but it’s pretty amazing that he manages to get to that point just by posting videos of himself and some ducks or antagonizing his mom.

Somehow, this online content creation thing became a family business. Every body has some business venture that’s all tied to Tony posting video online. Tony’s mom Lisa is on Cameo, a platform where you can request for personalized videos. Lisa charges at most $300 for a video. His sister Maria, on the other hand, somehow sells photos of her showing her feet online. People will buy that because of reasons.

Tony has also started an OnlyFans account where his followers can get access to some uncensored photos of him for a fee. Again, people will buy into this because they think Tony is hot. He posts a lot of photos of him shirtless on social media. So it kind of made sense that he would get into selling explicit photos of him. In a video he posted on Twitter, he used the money from his first paycheck from OnlyFans to pay off his sister’s student loans. In the usual Tooturnttony fashion, of course. Despite being kind of a dick most of the time, he still loves his family.

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