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Virtual Tour Profit System Review (Zach Calhoon)

Zach Calhoon

Zach Calhoon offers a different agency compared to the usual. With the help of his CloudPano software, he’s able to stand out and not sell a SMMA opportunity like everybody else. Instead, he got a 360 degree VR Agency offer via his Virtual Tour Profit System. Sounds techy with the VR stuff, but he assures not needing any experience to get started. This tickles your pickles? Read my full review first to know if it’s worth signing up for.

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Seriously, scan this, what, quick three minute read first. I know that Zach mentions not needing experience here and all that, but, obviously, the VR won’t pop outta nowhere by itself. Can’t say me, myself, and I in this business as you need tools to deliver your goods. Specifically, pricey ones like the camera and CloudPano subscription. And oh, with the program’s promise of not trading time for money, you need to hire some employees as well.

Enough talking ‘bout why you better read this, let’s just jump in to the review, shall we? Let’s start with the guy behind the opportunity. None other than Zach himself. Nothing special, just an entrepreneur out of Houston that’s actually not a make-believe persona. Bare minimum, I know, but I had to say it because there’s a lot of fakes nowadays and, well, he had nothing worth noting besides that. Yup, he’s a lowkey person. Kinda boring too, whoops.

That aside, let’s move on to discussing the actual business opportunity, the Virtual Tour Profit System. It was described as the roadmap to your first ten grand a month as a digital media service provider. And just like the name implies, you’ll be learning how to show and present something, likely a real estate property, an event’s venue, or a fancy vacay house for rent, to someone anywhere in the world. It’s really virtual, b*tch.

It’s not just your ordinary show-and-tell vlog, though. You’ll do it professionally. Hence, the existence of Zach’s program. However, it’s not just a technical course where you’ll only get info on how to do videos and photoshoots like a pro. Instead, you’ll also be equipped with skills for selling.

Similar to being a drone pilot, being good at a craft like this doesn’t automatically mean money going on your wallet. Before you’ll get on the money-making part, you need to find, attract, and close deals first. Fortunately, you’ll get it right here with the Virtual Tour Profit System. That’s the promise, anyway.

They’ll show you the entire process of running a VR Agency. Top to bottom, they’ll reveal it all. Sh*t’s probably complicated, but, fortunately, the process can be summarized into four easy-to-digest steps. They are the following: Presell and narrow down your customers (pick your niche); build your team who’ll do the work; scale your marketing; and upsell and automate the biz.

For the marketing part, they’ll provide you with everything you need. The template to your very own website, your live portfolio, and all the scripts, emails, brochures, proposals, and pitch decks for all things marketing. They’ll take the guesswork out of it, so there’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel. “You just follow the recipe,” Zach concludes.

Learn the process with the following inclusion: Weekly calls, 40 hours of sales training, step-by-step guide to either building the biz from ground up or plugging it in in an already established biz, tutorials for tools required like the 360 degree camera, tutorials for setting up ads, live cold call recordings, and recorded Q and A calls with successful people in the space.

Virtual Tour Profit System Review

That’s not all for the inclusion. Besides the marketing materials I already mentioned above, you’ll also get 19 virtual tours templates and one-year access to CloudPano Pro Plus. The latter, I had to double check because it mentions a lifetime license for “Diamond package” somewhere in the copy.

Turns out, it’s part of the additional upgrades and not the default option which includes one-year sub. That default, most basic, Gold package option of Virtual Tour Profit System cost $997. And BTW, the pricier packages of Virtual Tour Profit System in Diamond and Platinum costs $1,987 and $3,600 respectively.

The program is legit just like the business model, but I had to say no. Contrary to what Zach says, I won’t recommend it to someone with zero experience. Maybe to peeps with background on photography and digital marketing, but not to newbies. It’s costly, it’s quite tricky to learn, and it requires you to hire people. Outsourcing jobs is not bad per se, but personally speaking,  I wouldn’t want it to be a requirement right away. Not my cuppa tea.

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