True Trader Review (Dan Parker)

Dan Parker

Dan Parker of True Trader swears that you can make returns on your trading account every morning with their program. “I can make two to five percent per day by trading these names with minimal risks and in the first hour of the morning,” he exclaims. And by morning trading, he also means only spending 30 to 60 minutes tops a day trading. No eyes glued to a computer screen here, apparently. Interested in becoming a “true” trader too? Read below for my review of True Trader.

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By signing up for True Trader, Dan mentions that you’ll separate yourself from the typical traders that are just gamblers. And by following their main strategy of only trading for the first 30-60 minutes, you’ll be able to take advantage (and profit) of his so-called emotional buyers and sellers. That, and you’ll be free to do whatever you want after an hour’s work. “Working less pays more,” he added.

Besides the timing of the trades, it’s also important to know the right stocks for trading. Dan claims that they have a custom proprietary scanner that’ll “cut through the noise” for you and scan among thousands of stocks to pick the best one. “Scanners plus profitable trading strategies equals freedom,” he says while claiming that sky’s the limit in getting profits through True Trader. 

And oh, he also lowkey dragged the traders who use multiple fancy schmancy indicators like moving averages. I’m imagining him wagging his index finger like Dikembe Mutombo while warning the viewers, and this is from a free webinar btw, to not to make sh*t complicated. Buy low, hold for a little while, and sell high. Simple. Or is it?

To be honest, the said drag doesn’t do him any favors at all. Like STFU, you just sounded like a guy who flunked highschool math and doesn’t know how to interpret simple chart figures by himself. Worst, it seems that their scanner is probably devoid of that if he’s that adamant to call traders that use them out. 

The said indicators are there to actually guide you when to buy and sell in the first place. If you can’t understand what is essentially the basics of trading, then you shouldn’t be trading at all. Not unless you want to hail mary your money, lots of them since we’re talking about stock trading (FYI, SEC is even requiring $25k minimum in a trading account), and pray that you get a W. Repeat that sh*t every single day. 

To Dan, he shouldn’t be teaching others how to trade if he’s THAT allergic to proven indicators. In fact, he and the team behind True Trader dot net should just get off their high horse. I mean, the audacity of them to act like they’re some trading wiz when they’re not licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice at all. You heard that right, they’re not registered as a broker nor investment adviser in SEC or any governing body there is in the world. Not even having a misleading offshore license, it seems. And I oop.

Anyway, let’s talk about what’s included in their flagship offer. For the educational content, you’ll get the following materials: TrueTrader Stocks Masterclass course, TrueTrader Options course, Mastermind Primer sessions, Trading Psychology program, Risk Management and Expectancy sessions, Beginner Webinar sessions, and access to True Trader’s content library of over 500 hours.

True Trader Review

For the tools of the trade, what you’ll get are the following: True Trader live trades every morning, chat room access, world-class proprietary stocks scanners, morning report with key daily levels,  and high probability SMS swing alerts similar to Scott Bauer’s trading signal service. They also mention the use of “powerful charting indicators,” but it’s just a cap for me after hearing Dan’s sentiment about it.

The price of True Trader? There’s two payment options here, actually. First would be the monthly scheme of True Trader that costs $295 for access of one year for educational content and one month for the said tools ($99 a month after the first free month). Second would be the yearly scheme of True Trader that costs $1,295 for one year access to both the educational content and tools of the trade.

Obviously, I won’t recommend True Trader at all. Besides the cost, I think you’ll be better off learning the how-tos of trading by yourself and in turn, develop your own strategies. Latter is probably better than following a rather sh*tty and costly advice (based from the negative reviews and complaints on Trustpilot and BBB, BTW) from an entity that’s not legally allowed to give some in the first place. “Totally up to you what you do with our information,” they say. How about not using any of it at all? Save your bucks and move on.

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