Tranont Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Have you ever heard of a company that does two different things which aren’t really connected to one another? And at the same time as we speak? Well, Tranont is one of those companies. They offer health products like dietary and enzyme supplements, and at the same time offer credit and tax products, real estate plans and many more. I think it’s a pretty smart move. They offer you credit products, then they will tell you that you can also use them to buy their health products. Clever indeed.

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Tranont was founded by Lorne Berry in 2014 and is based in Utah, USA. As I said earlier, it is a company that sells health consumable products and wealth-related services. These are the things that differ them from other MLM companies. Whoever would have thought of doing such a thing is brilliant enough, what more if they added another product in the future?

To become a member of Tranont, you first need to register your email. Then continue filling up an application form. And lastly, choose a membership plan from any of these:

  • Base Plan: $349
  • Gold Plan: $599
  • Platinum Plan: $1499

And you should pay this in full immediately or your membership will not be processed. There’s also an annual renewal fee of $49 to keep your account active. There better be a good reason for these membership plans to be this costly.

Now, to become an affiliate of the company, you need to pay another $99 for the activation fee. A monthly fee of $25 to gain access to their business tools and software system. And another monthly fee on the package of your choice when you join:

  • Health – $150
  • Wealth – $125
  • Builders – $250

You haven’t even started earning, you already lost a lot. Only thing that you can do is just facepalm. It is like high risk no reward here, I tell you.

Any member can earn commissions ranging from 10% up to 35% if they sell wealth core services. The 30% in commission that you get will be split amidst your upper lines and the company. The rate is based on the active subscribers that use the services. So if you want to earn real cash in an MLM setup, you need to persevere. MLM products are known to be expensive, that’s why they are hard to sell.

A successful MLM employee will always say that all the money is in the downline. Since they’re already at the top of the organization, they’re already earning passive income after they recruit people. Then another bonus when their recruits recruit. And so on. So as the cycle continues, and you’re at the bottom of the chain, then I wish you good luck. There’s only a limited number of people for you to recruit, and not all of them are interested in this kind of setup.

Tranont also has a very high turnover rate. Most of the people who joined them believe that they will earn lots of money but suddenly quit after a few weeks or months. Why? Because of the expensive products that Tranont has. There are already products if not the same but better effect, is known, trusted and most of all much cheaper than the products that they offer.

Tranont is not a scam since they offer products and also services for you to sell and earn commissions from, but it is not as easy as you think it is. Even if they earn money when recruiting people just like in Pyramid Schemes, it is just compulsory. But can you actually earn money in Tranont?

All of the membership and annual fees, as well as the packages that you need to pay before you enter and actually earn in this company will already cost you a lot. Their annual income summary is nowhere to be found but I can say for certain that only those at the top are the ones gaining massive profit because of these super expensive membership fees. And it is already a known fact that only 1% of all the people who join MLMs are successful.

You can always open up your own business with all the money that you are willing to use rather than joining Tronant. Success Rate of online businesses, which will give you financial and time freedom is 20% more than joining MLMs for making money. You don’t even need to think of monthly cuts, all you need to do is to know what is trending. 

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