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There are so many different personalities that you can find on YouTube. I don’t think you would run out of content to watch on the platform. With so many people uploading hours worth of videos on the platform a day, you’d never really manage to watch them in your lifetime. Depending on the type of content you want to watch, you could easily find a bunch of videos about it on the platform. Want to know how to start dropshipping? You can find a lot of that. Music? Obviously, there are loads of them.

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Some people have managed to grow an audience just by posting videos of their lives on the platform. Think of it as them living their dreams of doing their own reality show. But they are also the ones who handle shooting the footage and editing it. There’s an audience for that type of content on the platform. But it’s very hard to cultivate it normally.

While there are other video-focused platforms becoming more popular, like TikTok, YouTube is still the platform where have the chance to earn money consistently. The only problem that you have to face is how to find an audience for it. The only thing you could really do is by consistently posting videos. You just never know who will watch the videos that you make.

I came across Our Tribe Of Many just by randomly watching family vlogs on YouTube. Sometimes the algorithm just suggests stuff to you. There isn’t really much to the videos posted by Sarah and her husband Solo. It’s a regular vlog documenting their day by day shenanigans, if you could it that. The twist to it is that they have a total of eleven kids.

Yep. Eleven kids. It’s kind of insane just seeing people having that many kids and most of them are still relatively young. In a video that they posted that in 2018 about how Sarah and Solo met. Sarah was born in Danville, Illinois. But she moved through a couple of places in the midwest before her family settled in Lincoln, Nebraska. Most of her life was spent in Lincoln. Eventually she went to study in nursing with the dream of running an orphanage. During teenage years, her and her father would often fly to Kenya to visit some of their family there. A bunch of her relatives were missionaries who were stationed in Kenya who eventually settled there.

After she finished nursing, she flew to Kenya to help out a family friend who was running a home for babies who were HIV-positive and were abandoned. Solo on the other was helping around at a church in Nairobi. There was a time where the church was building a new chapel a few hours away from where Solo. But the church sorely needed youth leaders to help them. Coincidentally, the person that was handling the new church they were building was Sarah’s uncle. He struggled a bit of whether or not to help them there. Still, he decided to help them.

Sarah was helping her aunt and uncle take care of the babies that they had just adopted during the weekends. She would often come to the church during that time. Pretty much, their paths were slowly diverging into one another. They actually had met soon after Sarah had arrived to Nairobi. They were introduced to each other during a conference held at the main church. But even though they slowly got to know each other during the periods she was with her aunt and uncle, there weren’t really sparks building between them.

Two weeks before Sarah had to go back home, Solo was kind of having feelings for her. But he didn’t confess those feelings to her just yet. It was when Sarah got home that she started to reconnect with people she got close with in Kenya, including solo. Slowly but surely, their emails between each other got more and more frequent.

Eventually, they got married. Solo eventually became a pastor at a local church. Sarah gave birth to a lot of babies. And soon after started to make videos about their family life. That’s basically how the YouTube channel started. Considering that Solo may or may not be earning from being a pastor at church, the money that she gets from the videos she posts on YouTube definitely help their family a lot. They have a net worth of about $800,000.

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