TronCase Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

How is it easy to just sit in front of your computer, making tables and charts, analyzing graphs, investing money and earning some profit day by day? That’s how crypto trading works. But it will take a lot of time and effort before you understand each and every step a professional crypto trader does before you can significantly earn big bucks. Crypto trading is a high risk and high reward thing, that’s why sometimes people tend to just find some program/company that they’re willing to invest in and money will just automatically enter their bank accounts.

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TronCase is one of those programs (an online platform as you may) introduced in February 2020 by the creators being unknown. They were operating as an MLM ponzi scheme that is dealing in the cryptocurrency niche. I will discuss it later on. What they do is that they use the TRON smart contract blockchain to promise people daily and long term profits as long as they put investment into the program.

A con artist named Ryan Conley, who is notorious in doing ponzi schemes is one of the people who hyped the use of this TronCase. In February 2021, he posted a video regarding an interview with two of the master distributors in TronCase, namely Martin Karus and Erik Nurm. With nothing posted as TronCase’s creator/founder, it is safe to assume that these two were the admins of the online platform.  

To try out the earning mechanism that they have to offer, you must have the TRON wallet app on either your phone or computer then you must have at least 100 TRON tokens which roughly costs $6.40 in the said wallet. That will allow you to earn 300% ROI, as what they say is the preliminary requirements. It is paid 1% a day and a bonus of 0.1% when not withdrawn on the first day capped off to 0.5% after five days. 

The MLM part in this setup is when people refer new members to the program so that they can earn more commissions. Their referral commission is based on a unilevel structure and you can earn upto 11 levels of your downline. Corresponding percentages of investments deposited by your referred members each level are earned in this manner. It is important to note that reinvestment is required to keep on earning with this platform.

The first TronCase established ( collapsed after it reached an all time high of 96.84 million TRX invested which is roughly $5.8 million in July 2021 when these top contributors suddenly take profit. It slowly rug pulls until it reaches no value ($0). They then introduced a reboot 2 days after the old one collapsed ( in which Conley again hyped the platform. It then also collapsed in September 2021, just after a month with the same reason, top contributors pulling out to take profit.

As I said earlier, Ryan Conley is notorious in doing ponzi schemes and a talented one at that because people don’t learn from past mistakes. He may be a great marketer which still entices people to invest in such schemes even though they already know that they will be scammed. People are known to be risk takers but that is more than being a risk taker, I would rather call it stupidity to be frank, really. 

There are a lot of free online tutorials on the internet, mostly by people who are most successful in this kind of venture. There is already a lot to learn without you trying to enroll in their program. Perseverance and timing are keys to success and timing is what most of them will teach you when you’re dealing with the crypto market trading. 

It is not always rainbows and sunshines after you earn the knowledge of crypto trading since the crypto market is a volatile one. Some days you take profit, some days you lose some and that’s just how it works. But it is still better that you have your money with you rather than trusting it to someone else. You can stop loss whenever you want when the market crashes rather than getting ghosted by the company who went on hiatus after experiencing a huge blow. It’s still better than $0 back, right?

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